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If this was a contest – Paper Straw vs Plastic Straw – plastic straw would emerge as the undisputed world champion of drinking straws. Paper and liquid? No. I understand the environmental implications, but, please retain plastic straws! Lol.

Vettel – a marriage will not save his season!

A few Sundays in the past, Montego Bay was the epicenter for a RWD-led earthquake. Mo’Bay’s best advocates of the RWD faith were in fine fettle. Sweat-deep in global warming inspired temperatures, the show was in full swing.

Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey is known for cramming humble pie down the throat of a few ‘name-brand’ drivers. At Bay Tingz he demonstrated his propensity to execute flawless dexterity treats. Time was his main competitor though and he was a few seconds off the best mark. He was forced to tinker with his machine.

With Round 1 settled and familiarity with the track achieved, excellence, in full-attack mode was expected for Round 2. It was at Round 2 that the most significant separation of peers occurred. The FWD appetizers warmed the crowd. They were impressive for what they represented, but we all knew that the pulsating action resided in the RWD arena.


Did Joel’s father leave too early? Joel did his homework. He made mental time-slaying notes. His second run was frightening. I am certain the Nissan Silvia was stunned. The Silvia’s tail wagged, giggled a little and slid to a heart-stopping 1:14.09! Joel, a Kingstonian, placed Mo’Bay  on life support!


Ian Wright tapped the sequential box and dispatched missiles. Despite his machine’s vulgar pronouncements, Ian’s show of force could saw him settling at a 1:16.905.  Nicholas’s run-2 was more reserved, time-centered, tidy and more measured, The time ratified the value of the adjustments he made – 1:17.693.


Chris John was consistent. He was sublime. James Brown at the Tami Awards – breathtaking. He was quicker than Nicholas, but, not Joel Jackson-quick, Chris-John grabbed a – 1:15.820.

The rusty, unsure ‘Wurl Boss’ – ‘Whitty’, possibly motivated by questions he had to sidestep after his first run, was a devastating Stealth Bomber on his second run. Sound and special effects were muted. Flash was restrained, but, the piercing slalom run and the rapid reach and dismiss attitude he maintained with each subtle flick and drift, demonstrated appropriate finesse and facilitated the birth of a scorching time. His run 2 was a thing of beauty. The ‘elder’ among boys silenced his detractors with a jaw-dropping 1:13.03! The real ‘Wurl Boss’!

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