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Is the Pocket-Rocket ready again? Time will tell.

Run 3 at Bay Tingz promised more drama than the conclusion of Game of Thrones! We were not disappointed. Joel left his best for the final run. He did not only eclipse his earlier time – he silenced Mo’Bay – a blistering 1:13.375!

Ian revved into his high compression bag, but no magic potion was found. He was focused, but he was forced to accept a slower time. Chris John’s poise approaching run-3 announced the arrival of an inferno. Telepathic directives led his AE86. His operating system originated in the Silicon Valley! Time-eradicating aggression slid into Catherine Hall. The red AE86 was a lurid expression of automotive independence with a mandate to thrill and win!

Chris-John’s machine ended the run with an abrupt and brief halt in the stop-box and then immediately departed, but not before leaving a tray of freshly baked donuts! Joyous explosions were audible everywhere!

And then it happened. Controversy intervened. The officials fell asleep on the job and no time was available for Chris-John’s final run! He was allowed another run. ‘Fattaz’ conveyed Chris’ performance via cell phone to ‘Chippy’. It was not meant to be though. The final assault was brought to a deflated, aborted end when Chris-John’s machine encountered a puncture.

So, Kingston invaded Mo’Bay. In Joel Jackson, Kingston had its best hope. On any other day a 1:13.375 possibly would have had victory written all over it. But, in Mo’Bay, on home turf, destiny would not condone a Kingstonian sneaking into victory’s chamber.


Nicholas emptied his extended 20-valve clip, but he fell a tad short. ‘Cutta Hype’s’ runs were entertaining, but, in the timed contest he was outgunned. Chris-John was a sniper and possibly if he had completed his final assault the conversation would have been different.

Joel fought, but ultimately, the decisive blows were landed at run 2. The ‘Wurl Boss’ was a cheeky crook.

After distancing himself from the evident rust, ‘Whitty’ employed a colleague – wit. His strategy worked.

Mo’Bay was living dangerously. Joel delivered a crucial life threatening blow. But, ‘Whitty’ was resolute in his defense of the second city. Mo’Bay was on the ropes beckoning for the towel, but thanks to Maurice ‘Wurl Boss’ Whittingham danger was averted and victory secured . Wit prevailed -  ‘Whitty’ won!

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3 Responses to “DEXTERITY : WHITTY’S WIT SAVED MO’BAY! Part 4”

  1. Stephen Gunter says:

    “The officials fell asleep on the job and no time was available for Chris-John’s final run” – this isn’t accurate. There was a time for Chris-John’s run; it appeared on the display for everyone to see.

    The issue with Chris-John’s third run was that there was no “stop” cone in the finish box and his car seemed to roll through the area where the “stop” cone should have been. Without the presence of a penalty marker that everyone else had to contend with, in effect Chris-John had driven a different course.

    Coupled with the uncertainty of whether or not he had satisfactorily stopped in the finish box, these were the reasons why the officials ordered the run voided and another run be granted to Chris-John. The timing equipment worked fine.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Stephen! I was saying the same thing without the fine print. I stood and listened to the brief discussion involving the officials and Chris-John’s ‘representatives’. They eventually settled with a re-run. Your input is always appreciated. Thanks.

  3. cmunroe says:

    Stephen I realised your comment was not posted. It is now. Again, I welcome the clarity. No blame was being laid at the feet of the timing equipment. As you correctly pointed out, the issues arose because no ‘stop’ cone was present in the finish box at the end of Chris-John’s run. As such the time shown on the display, even though shown, reflected the time for the “different course” which Chris-John drove.

    Who would you say was responsible for ensuring the presence of the ‘stop’ cone in the penalty box? The fact that Chris-John drove a different course could they then use the time shown?

    So, I will repeat “the officials fell asleep on the job and no time was available for Chris-John’s final run”. Lol!

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