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In a recent post on his YouTube channel, Nico Rosberg spent 6+ minutes discussing – What F1 needs to do to become even more exciting.


Did he make sound points?

Do you think Verstappen watched that video?

Well, whether he did or not, without applying any of what Nico Rosberg suggested, Verstappen, in Austria, at Red Bull’s track, grabbed F1′s boredom debate, force-fed it with a case of Red Bull and the explosive impact his performance had, is still soaring, wrapped in majestic delight with the new exciting wings F1 got on Sunday.

Max Verstappen recovered brilliantly from a botched start. He scythed his way to P2. And then he did it. He etched his name in the F1 legends book, with a clinical threading-the-needle manoeuvre which forced the stewards to push-back against the cry-baby, ‘butter-drivers’ mentality, that, like Ebola, was threatening to deliver a deadly strike against real drivers, who remain committed to orchestrating feral, gloves off, bare-knuckle racing. Exactly what the racing doctor ordered!


Should we be happy that Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes AMG crew were not significant factors in the race?

Honestly, I welcome, at this point, any driver/ team that can deliver several rounds of bruising body blows to the Mercedes outfit! Whe dominance a go?

Lewis fi fight fi dis!

Verstappen – big driver!


The real drivers won. F1-racing won. The fans won. Leclerc will eventually win. But, on Sunday, Verstappen was the man – SHAFT! Japan celebrated. Honda is back. And for everything that Verstappen brought to that race, it must be said – Verstappen – We applaud you!

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