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If you are one of the many individuals infected by the speed-bug, much needed relief, aided by sub 1.5- 60 ft-bursts, arrives on Sunday. Sunday? Yes, Sunday!

On Sunday, July 7th, another scrumptious treat, similar to those vibrant, deliciously arranged wraps available at Voila by Lilee, will unfold at drag racing’s uber-luxurious home – Jamwest Speedway, Little London, Westmoreland.


Savage Sunday is the label because what will occupy the 1320 will redefine how we view speed. Ken-T Racing, we have stated before, is walking a path like no other outfit. The dialogue drag racers – who are competitors -  engage in, between events, is continuous. An information platform is maintained, rivalries are deepened and the competitive spirit rages like a fuel-fed inferno. It is an explosive mix, but it fosters an atmosphere of heightened expectation and it compels drag racers to deliver of their best on race-day.


Which introduces, by far the most talked about drag racer on local soil at present – Damian ‘Mousey’ Wright. Record the name. Remember the name. How do you destroy an engine in a race-car while the race-car is strapped to the trailer? Did that actually happen? The car did not reach the race-track? Rumor has it that ‘Mousey’ accomplished that impossible feat!

Sunday July 7th is a single day. For ‘Mousey’ it will be many days. It will be – ‘Put up or Shut up Day’, ‘Do or Die Day’ and also ‘Shut u mouth and Run u car Day’. For ‘Mousey’ it’s an all or nothing scenario. Will he still be in the group on July 8th? Will he pull a Roland and delete himself? July 7th will tell!


There are so many talking points surrounding this event. I was on my way to Catherine Hall a few Sundays in the past and I saw a posse of Evos at Ironshore. Were they doing testing for Drag Rivals? A firefight has emerged involving the Evo Kingdom and everyone. Evos were fast – in the past. Honda dethroned the mighty Evo?


Vaughn, ‘Velocity Boss’, ‘Slick Indian’, ‘Gap Boss’, etc. pilots a machine equipped with US military drone precision. His machine has a rapacious appetite. The ‘Gap Boss’ has shown that he is not familiar with remorse. As such he willingly sends his foes to seek spots at Dovecot. Vaughn’s encounter with a certain Evo is still fresh. The wound has not healed. What will happen at Jamwest this Sunday?

We are not certain what is happening with Mr Gary Hurlock. The ‘Zed Zed’ Boss is going through a phase? His dominance is being questioned? The Zed has lost a few stripes? Mr Hurlock, we know, retains a machine capable of claiming any N/A Type R. But Mr Hurlock is not known for being razor-sharp at the ‘tree’. How will he perform on Sunday?

‘Buju’ is a legend in Western Jamaica, justifiably so. His race-car appears beside the meaning of the term ‘machine’ in the drag racing dictionary. In FWD-trim in a recent outing, Buju’s machine cantered to 10.0. The machine did not even give the impression that it was under duress.

We have seen machines pushed to the nth degree before attaining a similar mark. Buju’s machine did not reveal a bead of sweat. Machine!

Buju’s machine has raised the bar – again. On Sunday, July 7th, Buju’s machine will officially depart from its FWD status. The machine has now endorsed the AWD concept. The machine has been busy testing – Buju never normally tests. Lol. Buju is serious. The machine is ready. What time do you expect from Buju on Sunday?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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