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The saga continues. ‘Mousey’ was formally introduced. ‘Mousey’ can talk. So, ‘Mousey’ spoke.


The speed-drought will come to a rapid official end this weekend. Speed, we are fully aware has and maintains a magnetic field. And like ants to sugar, we will all be directed, like programmed beings, to that which we thoroughly enjoy.

On Sunday, July 7th, Jamwest Speedway will be both the focus and the epicenter of all things speed-related. Revenge will be on the menu for competitors who lost at Drag Rivals 2. Consistency will be sought by those who won. Defeat is on no one’s mind. Losing is never an option!


We have heard about threats being hurled from all quarters. But, the only quarter that matters on the 7th is the 1320. Who will be the last man standing in the various classes? A few competitors were forced to visit the dentist after Drag Rivals 2 – teeth disappeared! Will another visit be necessary?

Who said something about sweet pepper? The disrespect. All is fair in war. In this war a low e.t provides ammunition and victory is the killshot!

At Jamwest on Sunday, based on the available information, we expect to see numerous familiar faces, but we also anticipate that several new or fairly new projects will crawl out of their place of hiding to face the wrath of the seasoned, malevolent, heartless, killer-machines. How will they perform?

Did someone send a threat to the 9 Seconds King – Sir Omar Evering? Omar has a proven track record. ‘Squaddy’, even when ahead, could not arrest a victory! ‘Squaddy’ is now sporting a brand new set of dentures? You are a bold man to step to Omar. We anticipate the drama!

Mr Lyndon Bardowell is no ordinary competitor. K-series? If there was an award for Honda B-series loyalty, Mr Bardowell would emerge as the undisputed title holder! The flock fled. Everyone and his children ran to K-series. Mr Bardowell remained. Steadfast in the faith and strengthened by his convictions.

Mr Lyndon Bardowell, on Sunday, seeks to claim stardom in an arena reserved for hyper race-cars! How will ‘Buju’ perform? Will he hit the elusive 9s target?

Choose a manufacturer. Choose a driver. Pick a side. Make a bet – if you dare. Lol. Machines of extreme speed-substance will be in the building on Sunday.

‘Mousey’ – are you ready?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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