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Doug Gore, despite tireless effort, left us with a huge recyclable bag of disappointment recently at Jamwest – Round 2 of the 2019 circuit racing season. The BEAST we all traveled miles to see in ruthless action, was reluctantly confined – according to Peter Rae – to show-car duties in one of Jamwest’s Sandals-like, five star, pit-bays.


While we ponder what’s next for Doug Gore, son Tommi is busy racing his own successful path. He did well at the Palisadoes (Sat – July 13th). He has huge shoes to fill – literally! Lol!

Facebook generated more than 15 billion US in the first quarter of 2019. Think about that for 15 seconds!


Jamwest continues to break new ground. Drag Rivals, based on the massive roll-out of fans to the event on July 7th, can advance a serious argument, with the accuracy usually reserved for actuaries, that the series, is currently, one of the best attended motorsports event. Would you agree?

On Sunday, July 7th, the ardent drag racers were the focus, at an event that shreds Physics in order to mutilate the 1320! They complied with a devilish grin. Drag racers have been immersed in a verbal Wrestlemania for an extended period and on Sunday, July 7th, as predicted, the battles transitioned from aimless word-play to BremStar’s dubplate – Murder mi Ting Deh!

876 Streets, prior to the event, deepened the rifts with brief, taunting, ego-assaulting videos. So, on race-day, the machines were fully prepped, primed and ready to distribute rapid justice.


Damian ‘Mousey’ Wright, arguably the most talked about competitor prior to Drag Rivals 3, was on track to live up to his hype. In testing, he cracked the 11 seconds barrier. On Saturday, his Evo grabbed the moment, revised the possible and burnt a scorching 11.3 pass! ‘Mousey’ was on the rise! He was within touching distance of stardom.

But, it was not meant to be. According to ‘Mousey’, an oil-related problem transported his machine to the parking lot. Despite qualifying for the 11 seconds class, he was unable to compete.

Birds of a feather. The Evo Kingdom enjoyed a swing of confidence at Drag Rivals 2. The confidence gained possibly led to misconceptions of supremacy. The self-proclaimed King did not inform his machine that he had a crown to defend.

His machine succumbed to the evil forces at work at Jamwest even before the battles began! Reports emerging suggest that the King is missing. Will he resurface for Drag Rivals 4?

Drag Rivals 3 was the birthplace of jaw-dropping episodes of speed and significant achievements for some competitors. But, for others, it was the scene of hands-on-head, mind-boggling upsets and protracted despair.

What happened to the Roland-Lizard (Audie Cowan) face-off?

Were we deceived? Cameno Taylor was defeated in the 12 seconds class?

Omar Evering was silenced? Finally? ‘Squaddy’ out-performed Omar? Omar was seen wandering, bewildered – hiding behind sunglasses?

Gary ‘ZED ZED BOSS’ Hurlock approached the ‘tree’. The huge crowd erupted! The biggest ‘forward’ fi d day!

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