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At some point, a study will be conducted to ascertain which anomaly can account for the proliferation of unusual, improbable, but spectacular feats which occurred in several sporting disciplines over the weekend.

The ICC’s cricket world cup bowled an impossible result in the final encounter between hosts and eventual winners, England (Orville Higgins’ pick to win) and New Zealand. Some never-heard-off or witnessed drama, spun the cricket world into a ridiculous frenzy.

At Wimbledon, Serena Williams, chasing legend status, was mercilessly beaten by Simona Halep. Serena did not show up for the encounter. Halep was majestic in her dominance. Serena was outgunned, outclassed, outplayed and soundly defeated. The conquest was over in less than an hour!


And still in England, a son of the soil etched his name on F1′s Honor Roll. Team Mercedes AMG received a scare in Austria. Verstappen, possibly inspired by the wings attached to Red Bull, delivered a valiant performance and stole Mercedes’ thunder.

At home – Silverstone – Hamilton hoped to set the record straight. At the end of qualifying Hamilton must have been in a pensive state – Bottas sat on pole.


When the race began it was obvious that a dogfight was scheduled. The jostling at the front was contagious. Hamilton harassed Bottas and was briefly successful. But, Bottas wore his elbows-out driving suit and  he was resolute in his stance – he reacted immediately and reclaimed the P1 spot.

Within the pack the overtaking disease was rampant. Leclerc, spurred by events in Austria, was fortified with resolve. The Leclerc and Verstappen duel released countless waves of unrestricted euphoria!

The jam-packed house at Silverstone was infected with unbridled glee.  The young guns’ joust was not limited to the track. The drama also played out in  the pits. Red Bull’s well-oiled pit-crew gave Verstappen an inch and he bullied his way to a leave-before you advantage. But, Leclerc is made of carbon fiber – durable business.

Leclerc did not flinch. He was not intimidated. Verstapppen, eager to maintain the minute advantage, ran wide and Leclerc collected the reward.

Arguably, the most significant moment of the race occurred when racing was on go-slow. A stranded machine prompted a safety car intervention. Hamilton dived into the pits and confirmed what eluded him on track. Hamilton secured the lead and avoided what Lot’s wife could not. He did not look back.

And as if to rub a pound of salt in Bottas’ exposed wound, Hamilton, on inferior tyres, on the final lap of the race, delivered the fastest lap of the race – hauling in all of the possible points.

In the weigh/waiting area prior to the podium proceedings, body language said it all. Hamilton beaming with a youthful bounce – Bottas slumped in a chair, in the far corner, like a heavily defeated boxer trying to align his thoughts, still reeling from an Iron Mike uppercut.

Bottas delivered of his best, but, fate played him an unfair hand – defeat by Safety Car!

With the victory Lewis enjoys 39 points of comfort. At Silverstone, Hamilton increased his tally of British GP wins to – you guessed it – six!

Six is real for Lewis Hamilton!

Nb. Vettel – the wrecking ball – was deliberately avoided. Vetell’s drama needs its own episode! Lol!

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  1. MJ says:

    Congrats to Lewis for continuing to show that in the very near future, whether people like it or not, he will be considered the GOAT. Bottas drove well but fortune favors the brave, and the safety car came just at the right time for Lewis.

    Leclerc and Max gave us some great racing again, i love the talent thats in F1 (Ocon needs back a seat for 2020). The best of the rest McClaren has been holding their own with Lando and Sainz. Great weekend. Cant wait for the German GP.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings MJ! With what he has accomplished thus far, Lewis Hamilton is already in the discussion as one of the G.O.A.T. in F1. That moot requires no debate. I am pleased though that the current young guns have shown that they have the substance to energize F1.

    Leclerc and Verstappen deserve an award for what they bring to the table. I read it elsewhere, that at the British GP, Lewis was simply on a different level and even if the Safety Car did not intervene, he was on target to slice and dice Bottas. The fact that he hauled in the fastest lap despite being on the ‘slower’ tyre when compared to Battas’, says a lot.

    What do you think? And Vettel? Should we send a ‘mada-woman’ to assist him?

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