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Both machines were addressed. In different articles, but, when their stories were told the findings created a gasp. You are thinking of purchasing one of two demonic machines (both 2018 models ) – Porsche GT3 RS or a BMW M5.

The question – Which of these machines do you think has : 1) A faster 0-60 mph  2) A faster 1/4 mile time. The truth is rather strange!


Did you watch the Austrian GP? Did you watch the British GP? If you did, you should have experienced a ‘light-bulb’ moment. If you did not gleanerblogs.com/motorsports will enlighten you.

We accept that Ferrari’s # 1 driver is the four times World Champion, Vettel. We also accept that Leclerc has effortlessly shown that he has the repertoire of skills at his disposal, which on any given day, can reassign Vettel to any P behind him ( Leclerc).

It is our view, that in Charles Leclerc, lies Ferrari’s best 2019 hopes. Ferrari Scuderia disagrees. Despite staring in a face, torn by dejection, defeat and abject failure, Binotto and friends remain as stubborn as an underfed mule. But summer is here. Things are slowly changing.

At the Austrian GP, Verstappen, driving as if his career depended on the outcome of the race, employed tactics which were often utilised by legends of the sport – think Senna – think Schumacher – to gain access to the only P that is of significance – P1.

We have always made the argument that the best in the field of the noble art of successfully manipulating a race-car, must retain in their catalogue of hits, a casual ruthlessness, one that renders the opposition impotent and prone to defeat.


At the Austrian GP, Verstappen visited that toolbox. Leclerc was his victim and what was thought then, to be a missed opportunity by the stewards (failing to penalise Verstappen), actually gave birth to something rather fascinating.

At the British GP, the Mercedes AMG Petronas boys were always in their own galaxy, hurling petrol on the flames of an explosive, but creatively managed, inter-team rivalry. Lewis was at home, highly favoured. And like the champion he is, he delivered, aided by the Safety Car and sly race-craft.

The business end of the race though, some would argue, was frivolously fluttering without penalties behind the Mercedes duo. Red Bull and Ferrari were at war – Cold War settings. The protagonists – heartless youths with a sole objective – slay the opponent!

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