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Verstappen won in Austria. His show of force to steal P1 from Leclerc and the subsequent no penalty by the stewards, Leclerc admitted, was an eye-opener and their decision provided fertile ground for Leclerc to sow his own brutal seeds.

We were pleased immensely when we saw the fruits from those seeds at the British GP. Leclerc and Verstappen’s bout was a gloves-off affair, no retreat, no surrender – two men enter- one man leaves (Mad Max). It was entertaining. It was magical. It was refreshing. It was nail-biting.

Exactly what F1 needs. We can discard Rosberg’s video now. And thanks to the stewards in Austria, they did not know it then, but they have directly contributed to a luminous future for F1!


Vettel maintained relevance in the British GP and he, at various stages, participated and survived the dogfights with flashes of a soldier’s mettle and the poise one expects from a 4 times world champion. But, Leclerc was steadfast, forthright and consistent, Vettel did not have the same game-plan. And when Verstappen selected chase and conquer mode Vettel’s response capsized.

Against Max Verstappen, it was evident that Leclerc was not willing to bargain. A compromise was not on offer. One goal. One aim. Defeat Max! That outcome was not only necessary, it was crucial to salvage, without delay, what he had lost in Austria.

But, in doing so, Leclerc was mindful that he should operate within the unwritten parameters that were so clearly established in Austria. Few – think Lewis Hamilton – understand the significance of the psychology attached to repeatedly defeating your opponent. If you win the psychological battle, you have essentially won the war.

At the British GP Leclerc revealed that he understood this.


Vettel, on the other hand, is trapped in a psychological minefield and unless he contacts Leonardo Dicaprio – Inception – he may remain in that hopeless, desolate place for a long time. Revisit the British GP. Carefully observe the near misses involving Verstappen and Leclerc. Luck was a reluctant passenger, we will admit, but, you will also see moments between them, where they skillfully avoided disaster.

When Verstappen switched Ferrari partners, the dance veered from its exquisite path and descended into collision’s abyss.

Yet another mistake by Vettel. Yet another scintillating run by Leclerc. If Vettel continues to access his propensity for error, he is not only successfully damaging brand-Vettel, he is also rising rapidly as Leclerc’s best advocate to lead the team!

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