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Heatwave everywhere. Temperatures floating at 40+ degrees celsius! Stay cool friends.

There is absolutely no doubt that Gary Hurlock a.k.a. ‘ZED ZED BOSS’ a.k.a. ‘Bossy D’ is Westmoreland’s most popular drag racing figure. A son of the west’s soil, ‘Bossy D’ with his acute non-yielding wit which he fortifies with a sleeper-machine. His machine, a police-shape Corolla has a docile exterior but it is really a piranha in disguise! And when released the machine is a Type R’s recurring nightmare.


But, ‘Bossy D’ has an Achilles heel. ‘Bossy D’ does not do well when the ‘tree’ is summoned to begin the race. ‘Bossy D’ is a permanent fixture at Drag Rivals events. On Sunday, July 7th, the deafening, continuous roar from the throbbing crowd confirmed that ‘Bossy D’ was at the ‘tree’.

But, as explained above, Bossy D’s consistent implosion whenever the ‘tree’ appears materialised. When the lights completed its descending dance ‘Bossy D’s’ competitor was quicker to react. ‘Bossy D’ was tardy. When he awoke from his inappropriate slumber it was too late – ‘Bossy D’ lost.

Drag Rivals continues to excel in terms of competitor participation and fan-attendance. And at Drag Rivals 3, as if to satisfy the demanding throng the competitors shredded the envelope, confronted the 1320 and released noteworthy performances.

Special mention must be made of machines which held sway, primarily because they were rolling out to the battle-field for the first time, in a specific attire, or they were brandishing improvements which were not previously seen at previous events.

In an earlier blog, Mr Lyndon Bardowell was mentioned . A stalwart of the B-series faith, Mr Bardowell achieved the Holy Grail of Drag racing -  a 10 seconds car (10 seconds e.t.) eons ago. And when others jumped ship, abandoning B-series motors for the technologically superior K- series, Mr Bardowell was no deserter.

On July 17th his machine rewarded him for his unflinching fidelity. Lyndon ‘Buju’ Bardowell slammed a 9 seconds pass. His machine was wounded during the run though and played no further role in the festivities. But, with a 9 seconds time-slip in his palm we are fully aware that Buju was not complaining. The engine will be rebuilt, I am sure and we can look forward to the next episode of ‘Buju’s’ journey.

Easily, one of the most impressive machines at Drag Rivals 3 was the machine driven by Waylon Simmonds.


We spoke to Waylon. What he told us was frightening!

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