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At Drag Rivals 3 there were significant achievements, one of which was claimed by Waylon. Waylon is the pilot of the white fighter jet (Honda Civic EG) shown earlier. The machine, according to Waylon, is a product from a parish that has emerged as a powerhouse in the drag racing fraternity – St Ann.

The machine was built by ‘Spoon’ (Ocho Rios, St. Ann) and it wears a few of his trademarks – he frowns on electronic aids and dismisses boost by gear.

‘Spoon’ is a seasoned 11 seconds warrior, but Waylon’s machine retained no 11 seconds ambitions. That evidence was available rather early. The machine, prior to race-day was locked in war-mode. Think insane, but genetically enhanced and repeat the dose!

Waylon’s screamer ripped the 10 seconds barrier without harassing the coolant. Waylon could not say the same though. Lol. Apparently the machine’s rapid pace along the 1320 – posed a challenge when the cessation of lift-off thrust was required. Lol.

The machine was  no ordinary wolf. Omar Evering was forced to give the machine an examination and endorse its worthiness. The machine was an arctic wolf, in genuine, exotic wolf’s attire. It was sadistic. It was unapologetic when it displayed exaggerated aggression.

It celebrated brute force, pulverized its slicks and abused the 1320 with its best e.t 10.3 @ 157 mph! And as if to put another exclamation mark on the machine’s statement at Jamwest, Waylon revealed that he  was competing in the machine for the first time! Yes, the machine was making its competitive debut!

Waylon confirmed that the Drag Rivals experience was “Wonderful”, but the machine was still in its testing phase. In closing, Waylon made a prediction – “Well the fans can definitely look for a 9 seconds pass”. A bold prediction, but if what we saw at Drag Rivals 3 was “testing” a 9 seconds pass is only an event away.

Machines possessing immense capabilities were everywhere at Drag Rivals 3. Impressive and devastatingly quick, they were.


Audi ‘Lizard’ Cowan revealed an EK rocking a K-series with an abominable amount of horsepower. The machine extracted all of Delano ‘Cory’ Fraser’s knowledge as he sought to restrain it and keep it pointed towards the finish line.

A threat was sent. ‘Lizard’ watched. Roland stunned? The machine, without duress, bulldozed  into the 9 seconds class – first event off the trailer!


Peter ‘Squaddy’ Matthews might still be reeling from past encounters with Omar Evering. But, at Drag Rivals 3, ‘Squaddy’ held his head high and drove like a man who got a second chance. At Drag Rivals 3, ‘Squaddy’s’ machine was a top fuel dragster!

Nothing else can explain the ferocity with which the machine lept from the ‘tree’. ‘Squaddy’s’ machine was a torque-twisting beast, but with a predetermined purpose – 9zzzzzz!

Drag Rivals 3 was further confirmation that KEN-T RACING, the loyal, dedicated, eager racers/competitors who were present and the sponsors of the event, have successfully injected adrenaline in a sport that some inaccurately stated was dead.

Drag Rivals 4 is next!

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