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Despite The Independence of Speed being classified – TOP SECRET and only a select few were privy to its date of occurrence, the small contingent of fans who made the trip could not honestly locate issues of complaint re the racing which occurred.


In an era when the traditional stars of Dover – David Summerbell Jr. and Doug Gore – for myriad reasons, are consistently absent from the grid, other opportunistic drivers have happily grabbed the moment. That narrative was reflected at The Independence of Speed.

At Round 2 – Jamwest – a can of rapidly accelerating worms was opened when Oliver Townsend’s K-onboard EG attacked the track. The K-powered EG, by all acounts, was dripping sublime potency from its Archie-built motor. It was a thorn in Jamie James’ side!

It is known to even Miss Punsey at Coronation market that the K-series is a superior motor to the B-series. But, circuit racing’s harsh reality has supported and strengthened the argument that, especially at Dover Raceway, the B-series offers a better Fit (pun intended) and is a more suitable weapon. And there is an abundance of evidence confirming that most of the K-series competitors/disciples have not yet learnt how to successfully mix the victory-lemonade.

It was felt that Oliver Townsend’s presence at Dover would provide answers for more than a few pertinent questions.


I spoke to Oliver Townsend on the grid as he sat waiting to begin MP Race 1. Oliver Townsend lacks the typical race-car driver profile. He is rather tall, a stranger to swagger, polite and answers questions with blunt honesty. Oliver’s rapid 1:25.756 was not a warning shot. Oliver was on pole.

The B-hive was present as well. ‘Wings Williams graduated from the B-hive. His brother, Phillip, who replaced him, filmed an episode of Monster Jam at Jamwest. The machine succumbed to the brutality. Fortunately, he was ok. Phillip was present at the Independence of Speed, rocking an EK9, ready to let it rip.

Collin Daley sat to Oliver’s immediate right. Collin’s 1:26.999 saw him sitting on pole for MP2, but more importantly, his Q-time indicated that there was not much separating both platforms (B-series and K-series).

It was evident that despite Oliver and Collin competing in different classes – MP3 and MP2 respectively – Collin Daley, a supremely talented driver, would be the measuring stick by which Oliver Townsend would be judged at Dover.

Oliver maintained a calm disposition prior to the beginning of the race. No pressure. If pressure was present it was not evident. Apparently, buoyed by the knowledge of what was available to his right foot, Oliver remained immersed in confidence.


In Race 1 the K-series-powered EG was an episode of flawless execution. Oliver won the race comfortably. Collin won his class. Both drivers won their classes again in Race 2 – Oliver still ahead of Collin. In Race 3, I learnt that gremlins disrupted Oliver’s quest – DNF.

The K-series platform with all of its performance potential has had a torrid experience at Dover. At the Independence of Speed, despite being present with a muscle-bound machine – re whp, torque and rev-capacity – Vivian Mitchell was trapped in The Amityville Horror! His torture was relentless. He failed to complete Race 1 and was missing from the grid for the remaining races. He needs assistance. Who should he contact? Oliver’s crew? Xavia Murray?

In Oliver Townsend, is it possible that a savior, a hero, a winning advocate has been found for the K-series? With ample seat time, testing and adequate preparation, Oliver should be a significant force to be reckoned with in October. Should we seek the nails for a coffin labelled B-series?


Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. It is good to see Oliver performing brilliantly on the race track and with the aplomb of a ‘suchness’ as described by the author of the article, cmunroe. His actual winning of the race was an impressive ‘muchness’ Keep it up Oliver!

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Prof. When you are able to, define ‘suchness’ and ‘muchness. Lol! I am at a loss. I must admit. Oliver is a welcome addition to the grid. Oliver has a habit of bringing machines which boast meticulous preparation and a competent driver. We are all happy that he has been doing well. His performance will force others to lift their game! Looking forward to what he will deliver in October.

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