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The awards ceremony for the classified event at Dover was held on Wednesday. One driver who is possibly more criticized than any other is Jamie James. It is widely felt that Jamie has a machine capable of pulling a TA-1 on Kyle’s Radical. It is also felt that Jamie’s limitations as a driver is what is responsible for the machine not being able to wrestle victories from Kyle.


At the Independence of Speed, Kyle claimed superiority rather early – inflicting fatal wounds on the lap record. When Kyle’s Qualifying reign of speed ended the lap-record bar shifted skyward – 1:15.767! Jamie’s Q-time lacked venom. A woeful 1:22.785.

I spoke to Kyle on the grid at the beginning of Thunder Sport Race 1. I asked him if the Q-time and the lap record were confirmed. I could not see his smile behind the helmet, but even if it was not there, I saw a  mental image of Kyle smiling while he acknowledged his accomplishment. No David. No Doug. Kyle was the man!

Jamie James did not enhance his status when he trash-talked prior to the Jamwest event. He failed to support his threat with substance and it appeared as if he hid from the encounter with Kyle. Was he ready to face Kyle at the Independence of Speed?

At the Independence of Speed, Jamie confronted Kyle. The small crowd present received an epic two-horse treat. In TS Race 1, Jamie grabbed his brave face, sorted his armor, chose the requisite boost and faced Kyle. Based on the Q-times, if the performances were maintained, the result, in many minds, was a foregone conclusion. No one could have predicted what we witnessed. There was no sale, no bargain, but we got a big deal!

Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg,  possibly learning from the Dover stars before him, made an exhilarating race out of the potentially tame encounter. When the race began, Kyle led and settled. But Jamie, like a bad habit, would not go away. Jamie’s ‘pressure’ knew no pause and when his machine eventually wheezed, popped, sneezed and passed Kyle, I am certain the crowd’s response was audible in Brown’s Town! Jamie passed Kyle? Insane! But, Kyle, possibly remembering words expressed by Jamie prior to the Jamwest event, had his own designs.


Kyle stealthily dipped into merciless-mode.  Jamie would rip and roar, mired in pulsating sounds, while Kyle, like a vengeful mobster – Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano – quietly went about the business, stalking and timing his assault. Kyle wanted the stage. Kyle wanted the audience. Kyle chose one of the most visible sections of the track to decapitate Jamie – Corner 1.

Approaching Corner 1, Jamie positioned his Darth Vader-like machine to grab the quickest route in and out of the wide, sweeping corner. He thought he had the advantage. But Kyle possibly thought – Racing line? Who needs that when one’s machine is superior in all departments!

Kyle’s intentions were clear. The crowd expected it. But, at Corner 1? Could he actually accomplish it? The answers unfolded at a rapid pace. It was spectacular!


In David Summerbell Jr. vs Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore-fashion, both machines thundered along the start-finish straight. Jamie’s machine stood up as he braked and claimed the rights to the corner. Kyle saw. Kyle created his own window of opportunity.

After late-braking, Kyle ditched the text book. Kyle went for the jugular. He attacked viciously at Jamie’s right door while negotiating the corner, but with confident poise. The fans were briefly stunned, transfixed. The machines were as close as politicians and lying separated by strands of hair ! A racing incident was imminent.

We all watched. Breath held. Exiting Corner 1, Kyle’s Radical, twitching but resolute, inched ahead, the Evo faltered. Kyle emerged in the lead. Kyle Gregg passed Jamie’s high-horsepower, Darth Vader-like Evo on the outside of Corner 1 – big man business!

The scream-your-head-off response from the specially invited patrons at Dover was memorable! Kyle’s bold move triggered rapturous scenes. The euphoric explosions infected the afternoon with spontaneous jollification! Kyle dismissed his insolent adversary, marked his territory and sped away to victory.

And Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was not the most entertaining driver at the Independence of Speed!

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