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I have listened to several interpretations and explanations of what unfolded at the Singapore GP. Charles Leclerc, by all accounts, grabbed the Ferrari by its mane and pranced to pole. The feat demanded a BRAVEHEART demeanor, one which led to Leclerc and his machine romping rather treacherously with the walls and barriers at the street circuit. His successful joust with the infrastructure ensured that Ferrari would be in the best position to determine their fate on race-day – P1! All hail Leclerc!



Mercedes AMG is still in investigate and comprehend mode. Hurricane Ferrari, equipped with speed-infused enhancements, rejected vociferously, the notion that their machine would have been outplayed in the Singapore GP game.


Leclerc, as expected led the race and according to him, he was working with the plan the team had. According to the experts, Ferrari found themselves in a pickle involving Hamilton and they felt it necessary to pit Vettel first, to secure P2. Somehow, due largely in part to Vettel’s pace on track, after his pit-stop, Vettel executed a major coup and was ahead of Leclerc, after Leclerc stopped! Leclerc was not amused.

This is my view. Leclerc hurled caution to the streets of Singapore. He gift-wrapped and delivered P1. He led the race and drove consistently with the team plan. The team altered the plan based on circumstances during the race. As a result of the change in direction, Vettel gained an advantage. Leclerc, the evidence indicates, was completely oblivious to what was happening.

By their own action, the team assisted Vettel to gain the race lead. It was not fair to Leclerc. But, Ferrari has a habit of bungling. Is this yet another case of the confusion which exists at Ferrari?

The Ferrari (the machine) is obviously much better now than previously thought. There is still no doubt that Leclerc is the better driver. But, is he seen as the better driver by the team? Why weren’t instructions given to Vettel to reverse the positions? Leclerc should have won in Singapore. Was Leclerc being penalised for what he did in Italy during qualifying? What do you think?


Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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