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Did you watch the San Marino GP? At the San Marino GP, rookie-sensation Quartararo announced his presence in spectacular fashion. Marc Marquez is the Usain Bolt of MotoGP. Marquez is a phenom. He breathes abnormal feats effortlessly. Quartararo, is not an unknown quantity and he. yet again, justified his inclusion in MotoGP.

At the San Marino GP Quartararo, aboard a machine that is not a factory-backed effort, stunned the grid with a scintillating performance. Quartararo grabbed the lead by blitzing a factory machine and made the lead his playground.

Quartararo’s pace left a trail of defeat in its wake, with one exception – Marc Marquez. The current and defending World Champion – Marquez – can be compared to no one at present and his race-craft is currently at an admirable level – the forest, they say, not the trees!


Quartararo led. Marquez followed. And it was obvious that Marquez was in conserve mode until attack was necessary. But, Quartararo had to maintain the sanity, the discipline and the on-the-edge performance required to stay ahead of Marquez.

Quartararo leased the lead until the final lap. Marquez attacked on the final lap and usually it would be all over – or so we thought. Quartararo, on the inferior machine – yes an inferior machine – separated himself from rational thought and sought to plunge a dagger in Marquez’ victory plan.

Quartararo dispatched a cruise missile and in a matter of seconds, after he was passed, Quartararo retaliated and served Marquez a rather insipid drink!

Quartataro, apparently a fearless Frenchman, rocked the Spaniard’s (Marquez) boat. Marquez would not be denied though and he summoned the HCR Honda’s superiority to great effect. The checkered flag beckoned.

Quartararo had other ideas though. Quartararo’s chase intensified. But, Marc was Spider-Man and only he can explain the web he weaved which forced the charging Quartararo to reluctantly recalibrate, which ultimately sealed his victory.

It was a magnificent display by a rider, who, by virtue of his equipment, should not have been in the conversation for victory at the San Marino GP. But, the fact that he was and he rode in the manner that he did, he might not yet be at the level of a Marc Marquez – no one is -  but, if given the appropriate factory machine, explosive things will unfold in MotoGP!


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