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Ferrari is riding a huge, surf-like wave! No one could have anticipated or predicted that after the summer break Ferrari would be basking in a a 3-consecutive-victories-glow. Mercedes AMG’s might has been checked – finally. Is it a mirage though?

Mercedes AMG is in a place it rarely occupies. The unit is in unfamiliar territory. The squad is not familiar with defeat on the scale we have witnessed – barred from P1 in Spa, Italy and Singapore! Mercedes AMG is definitely in a damp, desolate space.

At the Singapore GP, Ferrari created its own drama with questionable strategy calls for its drivers. The marque departed with a noteworthy 1-2, but Leclerc felt shafted and his despair in the moment was not hidden.

Mercedes AMG will be eager to rebound and I am certain no bolt will be left unchecked to ensure that the machine will be at its best in Sochi. Binotto and the wizards of speed at Maranello have unearthed Mercedes-crushing performance in the Ferrari. Singapore was an eye-opener.

Will Ferrari maintain their run of victories? Can Mercedes AMG reclaim their winning form? Will we see a new chapter of the Leclerc-Vettel rivalry? Will team orders intervene to separate Leclerc and Vettel? How will the defending World Champion – Lewis Hamilton – perform in Sochi? A lot is at stake. Ferrari is definitely on the rise. Who will meet their Waterloo in Sochi? The dark horse – Red Bull – is still in the stable. What role will Verstappen play in Sochi?

Can you pick the winner?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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