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We are struggling to locate words which will adequately describe the truculent Marc Marquez. So, let us all accept that Marc Marquez is the greatest MotoGP rider of the current era – arguably of all time!

At the Thailand GP Marquez rode a brilliant race and displayed, yet again, that he has mastered the mysterious art of sublime race-craft. Marquez sat behind Quartararo, employed actuarial science, successfully calculated what was required to overtake the rookie, anticipate his push-back and navigate a minefield to clinch victory at the final turn of the final lap! Epic stuff.

With the victory, Marc Marquez successfully defended his title and wrapped up the championship with several rounds in hand! But, we have been rather fortunate this season. What happened to the other dominant forces in the sport?

I am thinking of Lorenzo, the Ducati boys and others who showed flashes of brilliance at various stages of the season, but, lacked the consistency required to mount a worthy challenge to the Mt. Everest which is Marc Marquez.

I say we have been fortunate because in the 2019 season we witnessed torrid battles involving MotoGP’s Thor – Marquez – the World Champion – and MotoGP’s future champion – Quartararo!

There is zero doubt in my mind, that the rookie sensation – Quartararo – is poised for greatness. How is it possible, that despite being on an independent machine, he competes at the level of the multiple MotoGP World Champion – Marquez. The algorithms are stupefied, befuddled, at best, trying to decipher the clandestine code which could account for the anomaly!

For the second time, Quartararo came up short – but vs Marquez – everyone does. Marquez is the 2019 World Champion. It will happen though – Quartararo will defeat Marc Marquez!


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