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Only a ninja can kill a ninja! The Australians have  arrived at a Mosquito-Terminator, designed to neutralize the dengue causing culprit! But, guess what? The Terminator is another mosquito! Do the research. Lol.

You could not miss it even if you tried. Images of machines solely dedicated to reinvent the rules which govern distance and time, like fake profiles, are everywhere! I stated earlier that I visited the dyno recently and based on recent observations, the dyno, during the course of this week, was a Jamaican Grand Market event!

The sound of an open exhaust, baritone-like, or was it Barry White-like, discreetly signaled its rapid intent. The machine attempted to grab stealth. It failed and proceeded along the Blvd to its date with the dyno. We smiled.

We are hours away from the only drag racing party which will be held in October – Drag Rivals 4. Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park – Drag Rivals’ current home will play host to an army of Jamaica’s fastest and best sprint machines!

Usain Bolt was great. Nissan agreed and gave him a R35 GTR. But at Jamwest, on October 13th, machines which can bi…-slap and silence a R35, machines engineered at exclusive lairs across the ‘Rock’, including in the salubrious comfort zone provided by some prominent Jamaican tress, will be engaged in jaw-dropping moments, triggered by astounding feats of scorching speed.


R35s, especially, are at risk. I spoke to Waylon ’10:3′ Simmonds. He confirmed that after its impressive debut, the machine underwent minor surgery – parachute, new shifter and a billet case for the gearbox were added to the already spicy 10 seconds mix.

Waylon indicated that he has a new e.t. goal. Boost by gear is for ……….! ALL THE POWER – ALL THE TIME! Slaughter is on his mind! If Waylon’s goal is realised at Drag Rivals 4, Glen’s R35 GTR, should, at present, be in an angel-white corner, sweating profusely in its all wheel drive boots, trembling and praying ceaselessly!


I spoke to Damian ‘Damage’ Allen. He intends to be present and on the grid at Drag Rivals 4 with his stunning machine. Damage’s best e.t. sits at 9.0 seconds. As such, ‘Damage’ has his sights set not at 9s – 8s! Will we see the 8 seconds pass at Drag Rivals 4? We hope so!

As expected, Whatsapp and other platforms are raging infernos at present. Drag racers do not shy away from confrontations or controversy. In fact, they thrive on the humor-led banter and in the no-holds-barred environment, your best defence rests on stepping up with a winning machine!

In this arena, winning is everything! ‘Bag-a-chat’ is useless – a pointless exercise! History classes are kept in high school. If your machine is not current and will not be at the track – shut….!

Saw an image of the Gap-Boss machine. Vaughn’s K-powered, nitrous-ingesting creature is notorious for claiming scalps. How will it perform at Drag Rivals 4?

Mr Bardowell, Westmoreland’s head honcho – ‘Buju’ -  lit the 9 seconds banner with a self-destructing pass at Drag Rivals 3. Wrap your head around that fact. The machine – like the NightCrawler – was at the ‘tree’ and then -whoof – it was at the finish line – gremlins attacked, but the machine survived and claimed a 9 seconds pass! What will ‘Buju’ deliver at Drag Rivals 4?

Incidentally, at Drag Rivals 3, several Evos that ran the mouth and ‘tuff talk’ campaign prior to DR 3 were humbled and reduced to spectators. Will the Evos redeem themselves? ‘Mousey’ released from his trap? Aimlessly chasing the fire at his tail? The King found? He is at Wisynco? DR4 presents a glorious opportunity to set the record straight. How will they perform?

This Lizard is a mutant!


What should we expect from Mr Cowan’s rocket-ship? A more docile version? ‘Dat will never happen! Lol!

October 13th – Drag Rivals 4 – Jamwest. What would you be willing to pay to see a Ken-T vs Xavia Murray face-off? Calling Xavia Murray!

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