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It was stated on these stages earlier. October is a double-edged sword for motorsports fans. It signals the end of several racing series but, it is also jam-packed with motorsports events. And that is the part we love!

Drag Rivals 4 (DR-4) incinerated Jamwest Motorsports Park – October 12-13. It was dubbed The Rise of the Machines and the appropriateness of the name was elucidated by several brutal machines. The machines on display at Drag Rivals 4 exceeded abnormal, they were supernatural, extraterrestrial beings. Beings which were allergic to a four letter word – SLOW -!


It defied belief, it screamed incomprehensible, it shouted treason,  it whispered conspiracy, but the visual confirmation erased doubt and we were all compelled to accept that a Toyota Mark X, could, on the 1320, at a sanctioned Drag Racing event, defeat a revered icon – Honda Integra DC5 R! At DR -4 we saw that and so much more. Advice – Hondas beware -  Killer X is on the loose!

I rummaged through my recollection files in a bid to retrieve the most awesome machine which appeared at DR-4. It must be stated that the most awesome machine is not necessarily the quickest/fastest machine. Essentially this honor is bestowed upon the machine which sent shock-waves throughout the stands – the machine which triggered seismic shifts when it appeared ready for battle. At DR-4 several machines clamored for the title and they were all noteworthy chariots of speed. In a hurry? You would want to rev one instantly!


Subarus are often overlooked. We are biased. But at DR-4 they could not be ignored. ‘Squaddie’ is well known but, other representatives were in the building and they flew the Subaru flag at 30,000 ft!. Pretty Blue’s camp was well represented with a stunning representation of Red boxer power – 9s?


At DR4 a new chapter in drag racing began – Lyndon ‘Buju’ Bardowell!

BUJU – 8s!

Mr Bardowell’s machine was extreme in its stealth-raid on speed and distance, but we could not exit the DR-4 stage without special mention being made of the Supra from Hell! You would have to see the machine distancing itself from traction, mid-track -  in 3rd gear – to appreciate ecstasy delivered on a plate decorated with satanic viciousness!



Incidentally – the machines will return in November!


Heroes of Speed at Dover Raceway? Kyle Gregg lost ALL of his stripes? One incident – two days of discussion and debates! Pinky’s Bluff? The racing incident/accident seen all over the world? Young Gore? Stay tuned!

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