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The AE86 was in a happy place – home – the race-track! Dover Raceway, at a few ticks after 7 am on Sunday, October 20th, was a symbol of extreme deception. It was engulfed in silent serenity. An  aura that would readily facilitate an introspective investigation. But I knew better.

Race-day is rapidly approaching. It is the final race of the 2019 circuit racing season. Kyle Gregg has done what was expected of him – winning is his sidekick! Texaco is beaming with pride, grateful for their young Star.


His (Kyle Gregg) head might not be wearing the crown – yet – but, he is the current target and he will be kept rather industrious, in the war to subdue his opponents, who are crawling into battle from every racing orifice!

As stated earlier, Bull Thompson’s Mazda RX7 will be in action, but a hired gun – Andre Anderson – will assume gas pedal duties. Andre Anderson needs no introduction – C4 behind the wheel! Reliability has escaped Bull’s RX 7 for an extended time-frame. We hope the remedy has been found and Andre can deliver what his fans have come to expect from him.


Tommi Gore will be diving into Dover’s shark-infested pool on Monday. The outing will be his first dose of Dover’s wrath . He is from good stock. We will be watching.


The test driver is still wrestling with the BEAST. It is expected that Doug will be  able to see the monster within, at some stage today – Sunday. We hope it all goes well. A lot is at stake!

On Monday, October 21st, circuit racing will dominate the conversations. Do you enjoy David vs Goliath battles? Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes will not disappoint! Are you a Honda fan? You will have too many choices!

Alan Gordon’s machine was spotted heading to the track. Alan vs Sheldon? Never a dull moment!

Intense shelling – race-car style -  will punctuate St Ann’s cool hills.

Calling all  heroes! Will you be there?

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