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The race was not over. Kyle was never one to throw in the towel. And he did not. It was a losing battle to decide which was louder – the screaming Radicals or the zealous fans? Like tandem drifters, they flowed through corner 3 – mm apart. The Radicals synchronized and exploded towards Pinky’s fearsome bluff. Reckless positioning enhances a costly, possibly, terminal outcome at Pinky’s Bluff. Danger appeared, but, it was averted, as both drivers navigated the notorious location with the expected alacrity of two highly motivated race-car drivers at war – FLAT!


Gears were discarded and posture approved to begin the run to the Pepsi hairpin. Kyle will tell you that he saw a gap. Did he quote Senna in a bid to make his case? Kyle is a student from a reputable school – read Moodie . He knows where the burden of responsibility lies to execute a successful pass .

Both machines were being prepped for the dash to the Pepsi hairpin. Kyle, under duress, was behind his newly minted foe, Nicolas. With less than a lap remaining, Kyle’s patience was possibly non-existent. Kyle side-stepped wisdom and decided to attack. Wiggle room was dwindling. His locked brakes confirmed. The smoke-screen appeared – briefly.

Kyle chose to purchase that which was not for sale. The space, the room to execute the pass, did not exist. Kyle slid into Nicolas’ machine. The impact punted Nicolas into the marbles. Kyle recovered quickly, gained the lead and zipped towards the Pepsi hairpin.

Dover was in a state of anarchy! The reaction of the fans was possibly unexpected and surprising to some, but understandable to all. Fans are fickle. Some fans will remain loyal. But, they expect an unwritten, accepted and approved behavior from those who gain their favor. If the question was asked prior to the race – Who do you want to win ? I am certain a significant portion of the patrons at Dover, on Heroes Day 2019 would, without hesitation, tick Kyle Gregg’s box.


Despite starting from P2, Nicolas led from the moment the starter extended the green flag. And in the laps that he led, his exquisite application to the task at hand and the manner in which he held, restrained and subdued Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg, made it evident, to even the most prejudiced observer, that extraordinary things were in occurrence. As such, support for Nicolas and the unfolding incredible feat, grew exponentially with each lap.

Nicolas, driven by competitive forces, in his brief appearance, like Kristian Boodoosingh before him, was significantly altering the perception of Kyle’s dominance. Nicolas, solely by his exceptional driving and his reluctance to fall victim to Kyle’s intimidatory tactics, won the fans. Martin Scorsese would be found wanting if he was contracted to produce a similar script!

When the Radicals collided, Kyle snatched the lead and continued to cross the finish line first. But, not before the  unthinkable happened -  the fans, like Kanye West’s 120-strong choir, sung a loud disapproving chorus, in response to Kyle’s actions. The paddock immediately became a conference of divided opinions and opposing views. It was a hive of uncertain activity. Disgust, anger and frustration blossomed. Dover was not pleased.

Peter Moodie spoke to the LueBoyz. Did he congratulate them?

When Kyle entered the paddock and drove into his pit-bay, negative gestures and unsupportive terms flourished. Kyle was the villain.

Nicolas recovered and completed the race. When Nicolas entered the paddock – think of the Reggae Boyz at their prime, during the 1998 World Cup qualification campaign, at the Office, when Jamaica scored – that was how he was greeted. The hero that was being sought was found -  Nicolas Castillo!

Did we see a cause for concern in Kyle’s on-track behavior?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. dwight lue says:

    A very proud moment for Nicolas and the Lueboyz Racing Team. Its a great feeling to have brought 2 great Drivers to Jamaica to display such spectacular driving. Lueboyz Racing always pushing the boundaries.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailingz Dwight! As we have stated on these pages, the Lueboyz are a formidable force in Jamaican motorsports. We all benefit from the effort the team makes and we are grateful for the firestorm that the team brought to circuit racing. Continue the good work sir.

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