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We would dare say that the most successful and dominant race-car drivers are neither typical nor average human beings. We are not in possession of the scientific evidence to support the claim but, if the research is conducted we are extremely confident that the findings will confirm our non-scientific view.

Prolific race-car drivers share several characteristics which guarantee the success they enjoy, they also have unique traits and subtle differences which separate them. Some drivers wield a ruthless, take-no-prisoners approach behind the wheel. Others may take the gentle, calculating and meticulous stance. However, they all yield the same result – victory.

We will not adore each driver who revs to the grid. Despite our preferences, we cannot deny the existence of sublime talent, ability and success when we see it.

In the local arena, the playing field is not laden with drivers who are being chased by international motorsport teams (Formula 1, WRC etc). Truth be told, financial support plays an integral role in determining success in any form of motorsport. That narrative is blatantly obvious here on ‘the rock’. We do not retain a Spec series and as such what you put in (money and expertise) may determine whether you climb the top step or watch others climb it.


David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr. has a legacy that speaks volumes about his accomplishments as a race-car driver. We need not repeat them on these pages. But, there is so much more to David Summerbell Jr. that endeared him to his fans. The title he wore – King – was largely bestowed courtesy of his on-track exploits, but David Summerbell Jr is also a gentle giant – a sociable, easy-to-approach individual who speaks with a measured, paternal voice and is always available to his fans.

On-track, David Summerbell Jr. did not operate in a vacuum. He was never engaged in a race involving one. He had his opponents. He had his rivals and he was not victorious at all times. Reality dictated that he occasionally had to revisit the drawing board, conceive a new plan and drive like a bat out of hell to restore his #1 spot.

There is evidence to show that for the most part he was not confrontational, his battles were raged respectfully and he excelled in surgically dissecting a path to winning. This is not to suggest that his was a flawless and error-free run. However, even when he was engaged in shock and awe-type firefights, especially vs Doug Gore, the King operated at a level consistent with that of a statesman and an ambassador of the sport.


Perfection does not reside on earth. And there were occasions which saw the King sidelined by racing incidents – we still mourn TA1′s demise. If a balanced score-card is to be arrived at it would be unfair to judge race-car drivers by isolated episodes. An evaluation of  the complete body of work done by the individual projects a more accurate picture. And when that assessment is complete it may be easily understood why David ‘King’ Summerbell Jr. is hoisted as someone to be emulated – the King!


Alan Chen, Andre Anderson, Kristian Boodoosingh and Nicolas Castillo are irrevocably connected. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg could not avoid motorsports. He is surrounded by success in motorsports and he was groomed by one of the most influential families in Jamaican motorsports – the Moodies.

The year was 2012. Kyle, repping the TOTAL sponsored, Xavia Murray-built B-series, Moodies-prepared Honda EG Civic was ahead of Alan Chen’s Honda S-2000-powered Toyota Starlet. Kyle was ahead comfortably. Alan Chen battered his steed, closed the gap and passed Kyle. Kyle was forced to chase. The outcome was regrettable.


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