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More recently, Andre Anderson¬† endured more contact that he anticipated during a duel with Kyle. Reports surfaced which suggested that Andre’s performance during the event was severely hampered as a result of the wounds inflicted during the bruising battle.


At Jamwest, in May 2019, Kristian Boodoosingh took Kyle to driving school. ‘Speedy’ was spanked like an insolent child. Kristian possibly thought a repeat was on the cards. The debate will never end. Some argued that Kristian left room. Others argued that Kyle employed Cosa Nostra-like tactics. Another observer may conclude that Kristian was forced off the track by Kyle.


At the Heroes of Speed recently held, glaring revelations appeared.  Nicolas Castillo would be readily forgiven if he left our tropical shores with the view that circuit racing is a contact sport. No sufficient argument could be advanced to allow Kyle to escape a punitive response for his actions in TS Race 1.Despite crossing the finish-line first, Kyle was penalized for his errant ways.

The Monday At The Fights-type body blows did not cease when TS Race 1 came to its dramatic close. The fracas continued – Kyle the aggressor.

David Summerbell Jr. is obviously engaged in directing and supporting the racing affairs of his son, Senna and even if he (David) returns to the track, the baton is being passed. The throne has no occupant. Will Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg be crowned King?


We cannot escape and we would not seek to deny what Kyle brings to the track. An argument can be made that he is well funded and as such his machines are always superior to the machines his competitors bring to the party. But, that is an unavoidable feature of motor-racing. The same argument could possibly be made for any other driver who has dominated at Dover – re their machine being superior to that of their opponents.

As stated earlier, the title – King – does not relate only to victories. Accumulating victories and dominance are important, but what is fundamentally important also is how those victories were arrived at. Conduct on the track and to a lesser extent, conduct off the track are also critical components.

Kyle has a winning formula, but ever so often, he has been found wanting re his decision making whenever he is compelled to chase or whenever he encounters ceaseless pressure. Weaknesses in his armor?


There is ample evidence to suggest that Kyle is not at his best when he is confronted with stern opposition. Kyle cracks under pressure? Kyle is prone to mistakes when he faces a formidable foe? Kyle behaves like Vettel when a worthy combatant appears?

Kyle has built a resume with noteworthy achievements and victories. Unfortunately he has a propensity to exhibit – as one of his ardent supporters stated – distasteful driving.

It is our view that until this aspect of his repertoire is addressed, he will not be referred to in regal terms and for now the throne will remain vacant.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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