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Less is more, son. Less is more. Drag racing fans were feted, yet again, at the final chapter of the 2019 Drag Rivals campaign. Ken-T Racing, possibly employing knowledge gained from the team’s overseas excursions, created a stick-to-me-like-glue racing surface and adopted a military approach during the races, which aided and abetted the spectacular performances which unfolded on Jamwest’s 1320.

There were stellar performances all around. It was an event at which track preparation and effective management, some racers stated, played a significant role in enhancing the scintillating performances which ripped the 1320 and rained sustained excitement throughout the jam-packed stands.


When you consider that fact that Ruel ‘Bally’ Barnett’s ‘Whale’ (FD2) infiltrated the 10 seconds class and through systematic, surgical executions, the gargantuan machine dismantled its foes, before stumbling at the final round. Only one conclusion could be arrived at, based on the evidence provided – Drag Rivals 5 neva normal!

And to be fair to ‘Bally’ there was no algorithm which saw him emerging as the victor when he confronted the ‘Crocodile’ But, there is absolutely no doubt that the ‘Whale’ is a MACHINE!


If justification for the time, effort and money spent was being sought by drag racers, Kent-T Racing delivered a BLOODHOUND-speed-capable racing surface. And to show their appreciation for the team that has kept drag racing’s flag fluttering with unrestrained pride, in that which the trade winds provide, drag racers did what they do best – created marital bliss between pedal and metal!

The consenting union gave birth to an eruption of personal bests (PB) and a widespread attack on 60ft and 1/8 mile-times. Drag Rivals 5 was a Power Point presentation of what is possible when the administrators and the competitors are on the same page of the book – The Quest For Speed !

Oniel ‘Likkle T’ Henry – MACHINE!

Big up Ken-T Racing ! Big up to all the drag racers who continue to put Jamaican drag racing on the global map.

But, you know we could not exit the 2019 Drag Rivals drag racing stage without addressing Jungle Royalty. Pleasantly surprised, most were, when it became evident that the creature had exited its den. No one could have predicted the unfortunate outcome. There are many lessons to be learnt, but, apparently the creature has learnt nothing. We sincerely wish the carnivore nothing but the best.

Ken-T Racing – Big Up U………….Self!


We look forward to even lower e.ts. in 2020!

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