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Sadly, regrettably, apparently the individuals with responsibility for Rally Jamaica have chosen to ignore the pace notes and what is now the norm, presents itself more like an afterthought, an activity designed to pass time, rather than a meticulously planned celebration of the sport that was commonplace years ago .

When the vibrant, effervescent past is considered, what passes for Rally Jamaica today is an affront to the sport and the spectators who, without discourse required, deserve better. Rally Jamaica is now a malnourished, withered, frail, depressing reflection of what once was. We demand explanations. Who should we hold accountable?

Some will argue that no extensive search is required to account for the anemic state of Rally Jamaica. The Usual Suspects will be assembled and blame assigned to a plethora of obvious factors, which, we will be told, conspired to deliver the fatal blows rallysport has evidently received.

The most glaring culprit will have the book hurled at it. It will be burdened by the the weight of the significant chunk of the blame – the global financial meltdown. Like a Category 5  hurricane, it will be explained, empty pockets worldwide meant a trail of destruction and comprehensive misery everywhere.

Motorsport/ rally sport, they might argue, was not spared. But, were we ever a people who clung to defeat’s designs? Aren’t we the individuals who are referred to in these terms -  ‘little but we tallawah’? Even if the world forgot, the ‘Pocket Rocket’ in devastating fashion recently, exhibited the irrefutable qualities which propel us and despite our character being besmirched by our third world designation, we continue to soar at levels that only eagles occupy.


What I saw at the opening ceremony of Rally Jamaica 2019 did not instill pride. I was devastated. It would be interesting to have a chat with Jeffery Panton and ask him why he packed his bags and took his exquisite set of skills to a nation that would lose a size-contest with St Elizabeth! Barbados is now the rallysport-hearbeat of the Caribbean!

Essentially, it is my view, that for an event which is held once per year, at the end of the year and with the storied history that the event screams, no valid excuses can be accepted for what is currently being delivered and is still being referred to as Rally Jamaica.

Rally Jamaica has been on a steady decline and without even realising, fans of the sport are forced to accept mediocrity. We are a great nation, we are a great people, we have shown the world that we can sit with the best, compete and emerge victorious. We are a force to be reckoned with. And if the cooks in the kitchen cannot deliver  an epicurean meal, then my friends, we have a problem. Should we be interviewing sous chefs?


Incidentally, Ian Wright and company had an event, in Hanover, on Sunday, at what is now a new motorsport facility. By all accounts -  it shot! There is hope, but effective administration and appropriate management are important tools in the kit. We need a cooperative effort to save Rally Jamaica. Dean Corrodus can you help?Add Rally Jamaica to your list. Lol!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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