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As the decade selects low gear and prepares to enter the pits, we continue to celebrate a productive year of motorsports    activities. Despite the numerous challenges surrounding the various disciplines across the island, some committed organisers/promoters have successfully maintained an excellent product and they command overwhelming fan-support.


Ken-T Racing must be commended for what unfolds at Jamwest each time the Drag Rivals series invades Little London with excessive shots of nitrous, boost beyond measure and wailing N/A machines. The JRDC still has a lot of work to do re circuit racing and rallysport, especially Rally Jamaica needs viagra!

But, we are grateful and in 2019, even when we were prompted to complain, one driver and his machine ensured that if he was present at the event, no one could complain about the entertainment factor. The driver being referred to needs no introduction. Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes, the son of Junior ‘Fletty’ Barnes and his now notorious 20-valve-inspired Sunshine Yellow AE86, in 2019, maintained an omnipresent aura.

The machine was everywhere! Here is a duo that knew no restrictions. ‘Tazz’ in 2019 apparently had a motto which rang true at the various events we saw the machine – the 20-valve juggernaut was a MACHINE FOR ALL EVENTS!


It is well known that ‘Tazz’ is an adept assassin at Dover’s 1.6. In 2019, not only did he stamp his dominance at the 13 corners and 2 straights, he also earned legend stripes for distributing ‘pastry’ during races. His fan base has grown immensely and it cannot be denied that he is indeed an evocative talent.

But, 2019 also saw the breadth of the youngster’s repertoire. We passed through Asphalt Assault at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay and ‘Tazz’ and the machine, under the watchful eye of his mentor, Cleve ‘Cutta Hype’ Ottey, were in brutal pit-bull form.

‘Tazz’ in 2019 maintained an unquenchable thirst for speed. We were at Ken – T Racing’s Drag Rivals – Tazz and the 20-valve were present at the ‘tree’ ripping, screaming passes. And who can forget the Larmar Larmond drift-pass that triggered a tectonic shift in the stands!


But wait, there is more. At the most recently held event at Jamwest – King of Shores – ‘Tazz’ and the machine competed in both drag racing and circuit racing. And how did they perform? Ask my friend Doug Gore. And along the 1320? ‘Tazz’ and the machine gave Toyota and 20-valve owners 12.9 reasons to smile! Used parts dealers will not have enough hands to sell all things 20-valve in 2020!

The 20-valve’s riot was incomplete though. At Ian Wright’s event, in Hanover, on Sunday, ‘Tazz’ and the 20-valve added their own version of surgical dexterous display on the demanding loose surface. His, was a power-point presentation!

When we sat to consider the driver of the year, there were a few choices and each driver had a stout case. But, on these pages we continue to promote exploits at the local level and the fact that ‘Tazz’ and the 20-valve knew no limitations in 2019, in terms of the disciplines the duo competed in and the results he achieved at these events – the choice was simple for us.


Lewis Hamilton was crowned Autosport’s driver of the year and Ott Tanak received the WRC’s blessings as their driver of the year. On this, our rock, the 2019 driver of the year, who led by a country mile, two laps at Dover, a Velocity Racing gap at Jamwest and 3 glorious slides at Ian’s place, is Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes! MACHINE!


To the readers of these pages – All the best for 2020 and beyond!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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    CONGRATULATIONS Taz! You did it! Keep up the good work. Stay safe, stay strong!..Peace & Prayers for you on the circuit……

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Monica. In 2019 Tazz was everywhere! He is a sublime talent. Let’s see what he does in 2020!

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