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It was not a long wait. But, for some it was too long. Gifts will be delivered early this year though and for drag racers, the only gift which can trigger a cheshire cat’s appreciative grin, is one wrapped with adrenaline -  RACING!


This weekend, at Jamaica’s quickest 1320 – Jamwest Motorsports Park – drag racers will assemble for 2020′s first drag racing event – Drag Rivals – World War 3! Memories of goals achieved in 2019 will demand consistency. Ambition will insist on a reorganization of the horsepower and torque figures consistent with achieving the lofty e.t. goal established in the New Year’s resolution rant. If disappointment was a feature of the 2019 experience, then January 26th presents the first opportunity to grab that elusive e.t.


Ken-T Racing has consistently demonstrated its aptitude for executing next-level drag racing events. As such, fans will expect the usual red carpet. But, at Jamwest Motorsports Park on Sunday, January 26th, the focus will be on the dispute resolution center which will be established on the 1320. The ‘tree’ will preside at the proceedings and the finish line will determine the way forward based on the N/A, boost-fed or nitrous-assisted evidence provided.

I read in a public space that St Ann is the home of the fastest drag racing machines in the country. The individual who advanced the presumptuous assertion was not stuttering when the proclamation was made. Names were provided as exhibits to fortify the case.

We make no judgement on that which was stated. But, I am certain that drag racers who identify with other parishes, on this our tropical isle, were not amused. So, do not be surprised if an all out war of the machines unfolds on the 1320 in order to secure The Fastest Parish trophy!

Mandeville, Manchester will roll out. May Pen, Clarendon will roll out. Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland will roll out. Montego Bay, St James will roll out. Falmouth, Trelawny will roll out. St. Elizabeth, Hanover, St Thomas, Portland and St. Mary will be in the building. And where would drag racing be without Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine?

Is St. Ann really the home of Jamaica’s fastest machines? Or is St Ann the home of Jamaica’s fastest mouths? Did we ever get an explanation for the Jungle Boss’ mishap?

A St. Ann native made a bold statement. If the evidence on January 26th  does not support the claim, shame-soup will be readily available! It goes without saying that ALL parishes will be in assault-mode when a St Ann resident occupies the next lane. Will St Ann survive the onslaught?

Janaury 26th – Drag Rivals – Jamwest Motorsports Park!

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