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We continue to bask in our ignorance of our unique location. Jamaica is still the largest country in the English-speaking Caribbean. Despite the macro-economic and social despair, we are a global force, a tsunami in specified areas, which defy the diminutive space we occupy. We are 600 miles – 90 minutes – from the nation which is still regarded as the world’s most powerful and home to the world’s largest economy.

And how is this relevant to motorsport? The fact that we are adorned in third world garments, chances are we are compelled to think along those lines. It can be debated, but the substance of my current drink revolves around the desire to see the broadening of what is visible or offered here on ‘The Rock’ for public consumption at motorsport events.

Our current circuit racing formula intentionally/unintentionally confines competitors to small displacement motors and ultimately, motorsport fans are fed, for the most part, the same mundane diet. Can I insert thanks to Doug Gore and Kyle Gregg for confronting the norm?

Who will be the bold promoter? Who will exit the box and carry a few of these machines to our shores? A demonstration of their capabilities, I am sure, would be well received. Is this just a dream?


Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Peter says:

    Not sure if ur just musing but the reality is that Local Circuit racing is not a truly structured event/sport for that kind of investment. There are no vintage classes to accommodate older chassis (from earlier eras) or “spec” classes (equal platforms)to showcase driver talent. Classes are just based on engine displacement/weight resulting in Big money being perpetually on display. IMO mainly egos on display. On the other hand countries like Barbados seems to have built a properly structured motorsport environment both rally and circuit for consistent improvement going forward.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Peter. You sound like someone who has valuable insight and possibly a vision for where motorsports in Jamaica should be. Obviously I was not suggesting that the race-cars referred to in the blog should be competing in a series here. I was essentially bemoaning the fact that what we offer at the circuit racing level is the same mundane menu crafted by individuals, who some argue, are more keen at advancing their own interests, than promoting the development of the sport.

    There is little to no variety – which we say is the spice of life! As you correctly said, ” there are no vintage classes” etc. We need more individuals with the appropriate drive (pun intended) to steer local motorsports in the direction that it needs to go. Are you available? Lol! Barbados would possibly fail when compared to St Elizabeth in a size battle, but yet Barbados is leading the motorsports way. Why?

  3. Peter Wilson says:

    Appreciate your well thought out response. Firstly, unavailable but my observations are just spectator insight. The Circuit community currently focuses on the pipeline of Karting -> Circuit / Rally but I contend that dual tracks should be encouraged/mandated, Drag racing -> Vintage Circuit -> Rally (if individuals are so driven to partake in the dirt) This track is ideal for individuals with “weaker” resources / no sponsors aka average racer.

    It’s a travesty that many older chassis retire under a tree or Zinc shed / scrapped instead of being repurposed for vintage duties for low budget teams. Currently their only option is “Also Ran” status in the current classes and pray for a noncompetitive Bracket race. I would humbly suggest an additional date in the “OFF season” be introduced for exploring new class structures which would also allows the momentum from the prior season to not wane while we wait for each season to start.

    Europe and North America have winter breaks, what’s our excuse?

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