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Some things you will not believe unless you witness the event personally. No word of mouth could recite the tale. Even video footage, in this the 21st century, a century pregnant with sophisticated technology, cannot be trusted.

Thankfully, no unnamed source was necessary. No research was conducted. No investigation was required. We were gladly stationed at the finish-line at Jamwest Speedway to witness drag racing’s first miracle in 2020!


A gentleman, who is known to cultivate and own machines which drip excessive horsepower, found prominence for the correct reasons, at World War III, on Sunday, January 26, 2020. The gentleman, some would say, is more familiar with disappointment and abject despair. His machines have felt the knowledge and the experience of some of the best in the business, but, for myriad reasons, whenever race-day appears, the machines or the driver, develop stage fright.

He is a crowd favourite though. He would manufacture a jerk-pit style burnout to commence the proceedings. The rubber sacrifice would whip the crowd into a frenzy. And then, like a relationship imploding, plotting its own demise, the driver and his machine, at the sight of the green from the ‘tree’, would rapidly descend into defeat’s embarrassing abyss!


But, that was then. With widespread support from the drag racing fraternity and possibly emboldened, with renewed 2020 confidence and also, thanks to the Ken-T Racing prepared surface, which was now adept at harnessing the drag racer’s incredulously powered machines, the gentleman weaved a path to the finals of the 10 seconds class. Can you recall Mr. Crawford being in the finals of the 10 seconds class before Sunday ?

The stage was set. Mr. Crawford would face one of Jamaica’s top-performing Toyota machines at present.


Congratulations Roland Crawford – winner of the 10 seconds class at Drag Rivals – World War III!

Is this a sign of things to come? Will this version of Roland Crawford be present at each meet in 2020? Can ‘Lizard’ defeat the new and enhanced Roland Crawford? Intriguing times ahead!


But wait, there is more. Is it true that the Gap-Boss, Vaughn Velocity RacingĀ  mutilated and dismantled Andrew Palmer’sĀ  impetuous BMW M4? Is it true? Fake news?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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