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I am totally ignoring the coronavirus. I am certain that at some point her engine will expire and her appetite for the despair she is creating worldwide will wane. She currently occupies over 120 countries – an illegal immigrant I might add. Apparently she does not fear Donald?

Despite our relentless protests, she insists on continuing her rampage. So, the message remains the same. We are responsible for our own protection. Essentially, together we can slay coronavirus. Observe the prevention tips, insist that social distancing is maintained whenever you choose to embrace movement beyond the home and if nothing else – wash your hands frequently and remind your hands that, at least for now, your face and your fingers are divorced.


Let me begin with Dean Corrodus. No – not as it relates to the Jamaica Race Drivers Club (JRDC). Sorry to disappoint you. If you were consulted – How many of you (despite the fact that we do not pay the gentleman’s bills) would have supported Dean’s decision to¬† sell the EK9? Consider also, who it was being sold to.

Hindsight, they say needs zero prescription lenses – perfect vision – Vision 2020 ! Get it? Lol!

No one competes to lose or finish first loser – second. But, once you are on the track there is no limit to the fun which may be derived from the pulsating endeavor.

I crave your indulgence. The video below features 3 machines. We have the benefit of one in-car camera which may offer an unavoidable element of bias. Having said that – Which driver do you think had the largest plate of fun? If you were given the option to own any of the 3 machines – which one would you have chosen? Why?


Which is more exciting – chasing or leading?

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