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Where were you? Were you there? Did you see the race? Did you hear the machines? Were you buried in the tyre-smoke? What am I talking about? I will elucidate your dark screen in a bit.

Drones are patrolling French streets. Patients are being flown to other countries. India, the UK and a significant number of countries worldwide, are under some degree of lock-down. Despite the shouting from the ignorant, Africa has not escaped. And for the first time, during peace, the world’s largest sporting event – the Olympics – has been postponed.

The coronavirus disease, a prolific serial killer, abides by no racial, social or economic convention. Loyalty Рit has to no one. Pity Рit rejects. Care Рnon-existent. Its mission delivers tidings of no joy. Sorrow and despair are its tools and unless we wash our hands as directed, observe the safety tips and modify our behavior to counter its reach, COVID-19 will , like  a mahogany tree, plant itself in this land we dearly love.

It is our duty, as products out of many, to ensure that we adopt the attitude and behaviors which will arrest, charge, prosecute, convict and ultimately execute COVID-19! Employ ALL of the prevention tips and look out for your neighbor!


Drag Rivals and other official motorsports events are under quarantine and as such,  the machines, despite their non-verbal objections are compelled to self-isolate. The questions at the beginning relate to what some fans refer to as the best drag race that occurred on local soil. The location is an area which reads like the history book of Jamaican motorsports. It was definitely appropriate that this race unfolded at that venue.


It must be mentioned that the Supra was still a street machine. Wrap your mind around that thought.


Incidentally – who won the race? Do you recall the drama after the race?

Which race do you think was the best drag race in Jamaica?

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