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We watch as our lives adopt varying, new shapes, in an atmosphere where the average individual is at the mercy of forces he is now, more than ever, in absolutely, no position to render an impact on. That is the nature of our current existence.

Uncertain and unpredictable, devoid of the latitude required to effect realistic planning. The frightening possibilities – the negative impact attached to COVID-19 – are publicly known and as such, knowledge dictates that the prevention protocols should be consistently employed. Wash those hands. Subscribe to social distancing!

It is no secret that Formula 1 sits at the summit of motorsports. The budget the giants of F1 retain could finance a few countries! Jamaica? F1 is known for innovation on the fly and in an environment where thousandths of a second are more valuable than an offshore account, F1 teams rely on an army of Silicon Valley-type individuals to conceptualize, design and manufacture, cutting-edge components, which when married, create a machine which thrives on the termination of its opponents.


The United Kingdom (UK), to those in the know, is the home of F1. When the list containing the names of the teams which operate from the UK is perused, the aforementioned fact becomes abundantly clear. COVID-19 is having its despicable way with Europe at present. Humans and all entertainment-based activities are self-isolating. The thrills, the joy, the pleasure, present when competition is alive, are trapped in an indefinite slumber. We are not pleased.

The UK is currently locked in the crosshairs of COVID-19s rifle. TheĀ  government in the UK recognized that it needed all of the available assistance it had access to, in order to rid itself of the COVID-19 predator. The government had dialogue with the F1 teams based on their soil.

The call to duty, despite its recent inception, yielded a bountiful harvest!

Mercedes-AMG is in the motor-racing business. COVID-19 is interrupting the 2020 conquest that the F1 team seeks. The geeks in the outfit are more than willing to assemble the requisite battlebots to decimate COVID 19!

Well done Mercedes-AMG, well done!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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