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Uncertain. Unpredictable. Constantly changing. Cause for concern. Disconcerting. Frightening. All words and phrases which may be used to comment on the current state of affairs in which the global village finds itself.

Despite our recent spike in Covid-19-positive numbers and lock-down status for St Catherine, we are still thankful that we are far removed from the complex ethical/moral dilemmas facing medical practitioners who are unavoidably forced to make judgment calls on an individual’s right to life. Who should receive the ventilator?

We are not there and we pray and hope that we will never get there. Subscribe to the Covid-19 prevention tips – wash those hands, adopt social distancing, wear a mask and act responsibly. We can do this!

Speedaholics are addicts who are beyond the reach of any rehabilitation outfit. There is no known cure for the joyous disorder. It is a disease and unfortunately the only accepted treatment for the malady involves gigantic servings of the disease itself – SPEED!

So, imagine the pervasive bouts of withdrawal which engulfed the length and breadth of ‘The Rock’ as race-car drivers, their fans and motorsports enthusiasts – thanks to anti-gathering protocols – became felons and were incarcerated in Covid-19′s Minimum Security facilities – their homes!

Jamaicans are a resilient set though. The circuit racing revolution was not planned, but it materialsed with TA-1′s blistering pace, despite not having a manifesto! A harmless question lit the fuse.


At 6:50 am, April 13,2020, Easter Monday – the day that was earmarked for JRDC Event #1 – Dover – The Carnival of Speed – before the uninvited guest, Covid-19, cancelled 2020 – Brandon, a member of the Dean Corrodus created Motorsports Jamaica Group – possibly suffering from dementia, stated – “Mornin. Anyone on track?

Several messages were sent by other group members. No one responded. Brandon was ignored. But, Brandon shunned the rejection. He remained hopeful and openly defiant. At 7: 23 am he stirred the pot again with this – “I’m asking” he said.

Damion, possibly in a bid to help his obviously, delusional colleague, provided a straw for Brandon, who was obviously drowning.

Damion : ” Good morning. Am at Duncans coming. Who’s at the track already?”

Brandon’s heart leapt – ” Look like the service poor at the track. No answer yet” he said. Brandon was persistent. Sensing an opportunity, he questioned Cory (Tazzmanianmotorsports).

Corey’s response, in my view, was pivotal. It provided the C4 at the end of the fuse that Brandon was searching for. Corey’s response was the fluttering, solid, green flag, which signaled the beginning of Jamaica’s first virtual circuit race at Dover raceway.

What was Corey’s response?

Brandon : “How the machine?”

Cory : “It good. About to do a few laps. Had to change front springs.”

Boredom is committed to employing idlers. Corey’s response, made it abundantly clear, to the despondent members of the group, who had an abundance of free time, that The Carnival of Speed would infiltrate and annihilate¬† Covid-19′s defense and populate the 1.6 that Alfred Chen built, with an explosion of mechanical ecstasy! Imaginary? Yes! But, the pleasure derived? Real? Yes!


Carnival of Speed 2020 – the virtual edition – was in full swing and it would be the only topic for the day’s discussion. Different Flava, another group member, made the necessary adjustments. He said he was on his way to the track. Brandon provided encouragement. He posted a video which confirmed that practice was in session. Yes, a video!

Jason appeared confused. How come? He asked. Brandon, the Promoter and Race Director, sidestepped Jason. Brandon submitted Exhibit EF. Brandon released a photograph of Cory’s Honda EF exiting the paddock to wage war on the track. Jason insisted on being stubborn.

Different Flava carried the baton. He commented on the ideal-for-racing weather at the track.  Corey added a soundtrack of his machine abusing its valve-train. The machine was not its usual VTEC vulgar-self. Concern pierced the page.

The second crucial moment of the day appeared when Different Flava – who stated earlier, that he was on his way – arrived at the track.

Different Flava : ” Mi reach enuh”. People full up ya!

The message was crystal. Covid-19 was on the ropes, battling the onslaught! Carnival of Speed would not be postponed.

Cressmore joined the I-party. He outlined the duration for scrutineering and confirmed that after lunch – “Straight racing till dusk!”

Charles Phillips delivered pulsating Breaking News. What he conveyed was mind-boggling. Charles informed everyone that Doug ‘The Beast’ Gore broke the track-record, which was immediately broken by Kyle and then Kyle’s new record was shattered by another driver!

Which driver? He was not sure. An unknown? A newcomer? He did not know his name? Who could upstage Mobay’s finest? Who could silence the heir to the B.D.Gregg empire?

Charles Phillips’ information bank was barren. A Money Heist victim? Pandemonium blossomed in the paddock. The new record holder was not visible. His pit-bay was filled with celebrating fans and well-wishers.

Who was the new track-record holder?

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