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At that time, Team Mobay Racing was a Category 5 hurricane, boasting machines that packed frightening performance. In its stable, Team Mobay Racing had machines that would leave a trail of desolation, despair and utter dismay, to be shared in equal portions, to drivers/teams that were hallucinating and advanced a challenge.

Team Mobay Racing, led by another of Jamaica’s highly decorated drivers, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore, for the most part, maintained a stranglehold on affairs at the 1.6. But, great men are not ordinary men. Great men are driven (pun intended). David Summerbell Jr is a great man. Losing did not provide a comfortable bed for him. A machine worthy of his abilities was needed.


Before the first decade in the 2000s came to a close, the machine, an Infinity Stone – the Speed Stone – appeared in the shape and form of a prodigy, bred from the loins of the Diamond Star and perfected by a no-nonsense tuning outfit. That machine was AMS’s purpose-built, time attack machine, affectionately known as TA-1.


We are all fully aware of the mayhem David Summerbell Jr subsequently disbursed from the day TA-1 arrived on our shores. Rumor has it that Doug Gore, even after acquiring the DTM machine, still bears the scars from the flogging he received from TA-1.

But, a lot of what is available publicly relating to TA-1, reads like Greek mythology! When you heard the stories, you had to  wrestle  with the Anancy content as you struggled to decipher the truth.

How fast was TA-1?

At what boost level did TA-1 compete?

Did it really compete at its low boost setting?

What was its high boost setting? And was it ever used?

Will TA-1 return to the 1.6?

Will David Summerbell Jr. return to the 1.6?

David Summerbell Jr.  retired?

In an Instagram Live  session with 876 streets, Stephen Gunter spoke at length about motorsports. And in that discourse he provided answers to a host of questions we had about a machine that local circuit racing fans simply adore – TA-1


Much respect to 876 Streets for the Live sessions and the video. Big up!

Would you want to see an updated version of TA-1 at Dover?

Should David Summerbell Jr. return to the track?

Should he retire?

What should we expect from Senna Summerbell?

‘Rona, we need you out of here a.s.a.p.!

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