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So, the new normal is everything but normal ! Smiling faces are imprisoned. Facial expressions, the silent, but effective orator, are – like Robin Hood – masked. Lol ! We understand though and accept that if we intend to return to the actual normal – pre March 2020 – we must endure the abnormal present. Lol.

Hackers, however,  are engaged in an industrious mode, invading ZOOM gatherings, with at times, repulsive and sordid pornographic content. Am I allowed to ask the President of the Hackers Association a question? Kind Sir/Madam could you assign two of your best and brightest, to scour the Earth’s hard-drive for COVID-19′s file?

And when they find it, could you instruct them to delete the deleterious file, empty the recycle bin and restart 2020? We would be excessively grateful.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. They will not admit it, but, Scuderia Ferrari fans worldwide and the Tifosi have spent considerable time on bended knees, hoisting prayers skyward, requesting deliverance. It is abundantly clear, that the world needs a Covid-19-be-gone miracle, sooner than later. But, possibly, based on the fact that the Tifosi’s request has been banging on the Miracle Department’s door relentlessly, unyielding persistence found favor in the divine quarters.

It was not expected. It was not predicted. It was missed by the psychics. Clairvoyants, possibly muzzled by Covid-19 offered no insight. Think of a stunning moment that triggered an involuntary grab-of-the-head. Or, better yet, pause, inhale, exhale.

Mike Tyson, years ago, was comprised of Iron (before love met him). Mike Tyson, when he patrolled the ring was adept at reducing muscle-bound, bold, fearless men, to frightened, fleeing, stumbling, toppling mounds of uselessness, courtesy of assorted tectonic blows which bellowed defeat.

Now, immerse yourself in the moment, when, in 1990, the boxing world witnessed the invincible ‘Iron’ Mike being defeated by an underdog, a pup, James ‘Buster’ Douglas!

Such was the impact of the news that Scuderia Ferrari and Vettel would go their separate ways at the end of the truncated 2020 season.

Did Scuderia Ferrari make the one crucial step it was ignoring?


No one can deny that Scuderia Ferrari provided the platform required to  terminate Mercedes Petronas AMG’s dominance. And a stout argument can be made, that if Vettel applied the mettle expected from  a 4-times World Champion, Lewis Hamilton would not be residing in an unbeatable glow assembling the requisite firepower to exceed Schumacher’s achievements.

Unfortunately for the Tifosi, the celebrations will have to wait until normalcy returns to Italy.

Despite the absence of racing, there is never a dull moment in Formula 1!


Do you think Scuderia Ferrari will be better without Vettel?

Do you agree with the decision?

Should Lewis Hamilton be worried?

Racing in July ?

We wait.

Wash your hands!

Wear a mask!

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