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Life versus livelihood. Unfortunately, this is the essence of the web that has been meticulously weaved by the rapscallion – COVID-19. Italy, the first European country to impose a lock-down, is slowly re-opening.

Livelihood is currently ahead, winning the battle. But, do not close your eyes to the obvious – your safety is your responsibility – wash those hands, wear a mask and act responsibly.

A few years ago a machine landed on our shores. The easily justified electric atmosphere and omnipresent fanfare surrounding the machine were intoxicating. The machine extracted smiles and adoration from even individuals who were ignorant to its purpose.

The machine, like the titan it replaced, was destined for greatness. When it arrived effervescent joy was blatantly visible.



Life enjoys irony. I can recall attending the official launch of one of Dover’s highly anticipated events. Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was preparing to drive his newly acquired Radical in competitive mode, for the first time. Despite his ignorance of the idiosyncrasies of his machine – guess which driver and machine he had squarely in his machine’s cross hairs? Kyle was far from muzzled or restrained. He fired a barrage of shots at Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and his thenĀ  4-circles machine!

Fast-forward. Brutal fate terminated the DTM-n/a-V8 monster. Doug Gore was forced to pick up the pieces. Love him or hate him, Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg is the current, yet to be crowned, King of the 1.6. And if the tyre marks on the track are accurate, he plans to plunge Mobay into further grief when COVID-19 flees. Will he be successful?

It was 2018. A lot was expected, but for myriad reasons, including accusations of incompetence, THE BEAST, Doug’s new machine, that was posited as the machine that would extinguish Kyle’s flame, was a mishap-buffet, a comedy of blunders.


At Jamwest, Peter Rae saw and commented on the wounded, sidelined BEAST. He referred to it, jokingly, as a showroom Queen. THE BEAST devoid of its expected ferocity, sat in one of Niney’s luxurious, glass-door enclosures, oblivious to the fact that it was booked for the stage-show and was contracted to deliver rapturous moments on Jamaica’s fastest circuit racing track.

Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore, despite wearing a pleasant demeanor, was disappointed. He remained hopeful, but he was obviously concerned. THE BEAST, from Event 1, remained consistent in one department – the absence of noteworthy performance. The target, Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg was nowhere in sight.

A fixer was required. The due diligence was done. Andreas Eriksson has extensive rallysport pedigree. And like Malcolm Wilson (M-Sport), he established a motorsport outfit – Olsbergs MSE (OSME). OSME, according to their Facebook pages, designs, builds and operates winning competition cars for motorsports.

Do you see why Doug was interested?

THE BEAST, though already designed and built, was yet to develop an appreciation for winning and the light at the end of the tunnel was obscured. At some stage, I would imagine, an arrangement involving both parties – Doug and OSME – was arrived at. But, OSME does not operate on ‘The Rock’. Duh!

OSME is locatedĀ  where? Are you sure?

Yes! OSME is located in Sweden! Have you ever been to Sweden? Have you ever been to Europe?

THE BEAST’s A-list, frequent flyer package was activated!

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