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The world is still engaged in a brutal bout with an active foe, an infectious character – COVID-19. But, photographs dispersed in social media recently, indicated that, despite its far-reaching tentacles, the pandemic could do nothing to halt THE BEAST’s return to the land which boasts an abundance of wood and water!


When contacted, Doug stated that¬† THE BEAST returned to local tarmac “A couple weeks ago.” We saw images of the OMSE-massaged BEAST in late April. From the images that were released, there was blatant evidence of stellar workmanship effected by OMSE’s team of automotive surgeon’s to address what was previously, obviously,¬† several episodes of Botched !

It gets interesting. After reviewing the information Doug provided, I was left thinking that Doug has mastered the art of marketing and promoting a product. He excels at building suspense. And young Tommi Gore, based on an interview conducted recently, is emerging exactly as Dad would have it – a clone ! Doug could effortlessly sell three pairs of Olympic-Gold, Nike-size-10-sprinting spikes, to a physically challenged snail !

Doug stated that the team has already completed their first test session at the treacherous 1.6. During the session, he indicated that despite the physical absence of the OSME team at the track, they (OSME) dictate and control the parameters within which THE BEAST operates – a creep before you run process.

Doug stated that that ” We were quite happy what we saw. They have done so many changes to the car that I am actually getting used to some of the changes”, including a WRC-type shifter which was included in the reconstructive surgery! THE BEAST !

Reflect on all of the callous, barbarous and sadistic machines that Doug has driven throughout his flamboyant motorsports career thus far before reading the sentence below.

According to Doug, THE BEAST’s “Power and torque are absolutely immense, much more than before. This, I am also getting used to.”

Inherent in that statement is a veiled comparison with not only what THE BEAST was before, but , also a comparison with the other machines he has driven before. Do you agree?

There is more. And I have heard Doug saying it elsewhere. At present, Doug suggests that THE BEAST is functioning at 20% above half of its capability (70%). And in its current trim, despite its savage power and torque the machine is well-behaved – “very balanced.” THE BEAST is docile, a kitten, a pet, a tutorial in handling etiquette!

As expected, however, a few minor issues arose – that is why testing is important.

So essentially, testing is in progress and data collected from the WRC-inspired, flat-shift blasts along the main straight at the 1.6 has led Doug to surmise that “I don’t think anybody is even close, as it is, in its configuration right now!

A time will appear when those words will have to be defended. Will Doug be ready? Will THE BEAST be ready?


We are fully aware of why the Radicals wield the dominance they maintain. Their superiority is genetic. It is not the domain of a single department. The package unites individual strengths into a feast where only victory is served.

Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg has explicitly shown that he retains no appetite for second place – Niko’s/LueBoyz’ machine wears the scars of that lesson. It is a pill no one enjoys swallowing, but, ruthlessness is an undeniable quality of some of best in motorsport.

Will youth trump maturity?

Will Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore be ready to defeat Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg? In August?

There is a wild card !


During testing at Jamaica’s fastest circuit racing track – Jamwest Motorsports Park – it was reported that a certain Collin Daley Jr – possibly the most gifted, but also the most underrated driver in the current paddock – was in scintillating attire at the facility. If what was revealed assembles an actuary’s level of accuracy, chances are Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg and Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore will be battling for the other two spots on the podium!

Covid-19 is sitting in the departure lounge. We wait. We prepare.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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