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Testing, anticipating the resumption of circuit racing’s pedal to metal action, is in full swing. Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore, learning from the mistakes of the past, is giving THE BEAST the rigorous exercises it needs in order to be race-ready.

Seat-time, a crucial component which is often times overlooked, is being addressed and hopefully we will see nothing but positive outcomes when the machine steps to the grid in competitive garb.


Drifting is a motorsport discipline which engages various manufacturers. Drifting raises to iconic status, machines built by, for example,  Toyota, Mazda and Nissan. Would drifting even exist without the AE86?

A machine which undoubtedly has a permanent spot in the halls of drift-mania is the Nissan Silvia-S15. It is the weapon of choice of James ‘The Machine’ Dean and he uses it to devastating effect in Formula D.

Another giant of the sport, a Russian, who a lot of individuals may not be familiar with, is also a tyrannical ogre when he pilots a S15. You do not know him? Watch him at work in the machine, conducting tutorials at drifting’s birthplace.


What do you think about the Russian’s machine?

Which machine do you think is the best platform for drifting?

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