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Miss Covid-19 and her negative attachments are features of 2020-life that we are, at present, compelled to embrace and accept. I submit, however, that we will comply, but, protest vociferously because like poverty, she is an unwelcome guest! She is still here?

Silent race-tracks and empty stands have forced us to revisit the past. History is an interesting subject and it provides ample fodder for vibrant discussions.

If we subscribe to the current doctrine, we accept that the Radical platform is an unrepentant demon that has no equal. It claims invincibility’s aura. But if you know, you know and unless amnesia is a companion, you should be able to recall, that several revolutions ago, of the third planet from the sun, there was a certain gentleman, who, when he was strapped in a Radical, he was scrambling to collect the scraps from victory’s table.

He is not the focus, however. The spotlight today illuminates an individual who has (or had) an umbilical attachment to P1. And even when he was confronted with shock and awe and the shelling associated with the US-Iraq war, cool was his demeanor, calculating was his process and callous was the execution.

Flashback – watch stalk and execute.


Yes, there is more. Obstacles may arise, but the goal remains the same.


TA-1 should be rebuilt and displayed in an appropriate showroom. Stephen? David?

Ian Wright. What did you do? Why? Was that the plan? Haunted by ghosts from the past? We have questions. We have concerns.

Videos courtesy of Stoppa and Jamaican Tuner. Thanks.

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