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Frightening but true – the figure for lives lost in the USA  due to Covid-19 has exceeded the 100,000 mark! Covid-19 is a selfless brute. We (Jamaica) are not out of the woods yet, so wash those hands and wear a mask.

If speed is your drug and you hold in high esteem, the individuals who are best at manipulating its whims and fancies in order to secure victory, chances you are familiar with the name Jim Clark. If you are a lover of all things Formula 1, you must know the name Jim Clark.

I am willing to bet though that you cannot answer ten questions relating to Jim Clarke. But yet you position yourself as a motorsport aficionado! Lol.

I am in a sharing mood. How well do you know Jim Clark? You can thank me later.


Yes, there is more. There is always more.


Did you see how he had the Cortina figure skating around the corners?

When you watch the drivers of yesteryear you are forced to wonder if current F1 stars are over-rated. Are they?

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