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The debate is not necessary. It is not relevant. We will exhaust time trying to convince naysayers about the flexibility Honda offers and the availability of aftermarket parts when an individual is trying to decide which platform to develop to perform race car duties. We can run. We can hide. But, reality will slap you in the face if a Honda is not included in the discourse.


Ultimately you may choose to go in a different direction. But, let it not be said that you were not warned. Examine the machines which pack the grid at Dover or Jamwest. Which manufacturer would you say is dominant in terms of numbers on the grid? Remove the Radicals from the equation – which machine was the recurring platform in the Moodie camp?

Can I rest my case now?

Covid-19 made the internet our best friend and fortunately, racing gems are everywhere. If race cars were treats, these two – ignore the Porsche – lol – would be ranked in the ultra-delicious segment !


Which machine would you choose?

Yes, the AE86 is my soulmate, but, Honda deserves respect.

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