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In a world where modern democracies boast freedom of speech, it is understood, that despite the fact that you are at liberty to spew, from your lips, that which is conceived  in your brain, wisdom teaches that freedom of speech must be treated like the consumption of alcohol – act (speak) responsibly!

Apparently, former Formula 1 head honcho, Bernie Ecclestone was not a recipient of the memo which outlined politically correct behavior re freedom of speech. Words have meanings. Duh! And the meaning  attached to particular words, when they are assembled in a sentence, can have far reaching implications to hundreds, thousands and dependent on your reach, millions of individuals worldwide.


In a recent interview with CNN, Bernie’s remarks relating to matters of race and equality sparked a firestorm. At minimum, it was evident that Bernie’s comments, especially in this, the after-George Floyd’s-death-protest-era, were devoid of an appreciation of the type of change that citizens across the world are clamoring for.

Lewis Hamilton has more World Championships than fingers on one hand. His success and his dominance, in a sport where he is its first World Champion of color, have provided him with a global platform from which he has boldly spoken. His, is a voice that retains power.

As he does on the track, Lewis in rapid fashion, rejected Bernie’s comments and labeled them ignorant and uneducated. Without belaboring the point, we hope that Bernie does the requisite introspection and learns from the unfortunate episode. F1 issued a statement distancing itself from Bernie’s alleged ignorance. Hamilton’s F1 team, Mercedes AMG Petronas took a step further. The team has decided to alter its traditional silver appearance and adorn its machines in black – Black Panther comes to mind.

And if the machines are anything like The Avengers’ Black Panther, the other teams on the grid must brace themselves for the devastation the Mercedes AMG machines will disperse!

What did Bernie actually say?


What is your view of what Bernie said?

What advice would you give Bernie?

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