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Covid-19 will be assigned the blame for most things which occur at present. For an extended  period activity across all sporting genres or disciplines screeched to a grinding halt. But, the fact that the only thing happening was nothing, we all had time to watch the sand complete its falling routine in the hourglass.

And possibly, because of the abundance of idle brain energy, we also had ample time to consider topics, which even though they were boldly staring you in the face, they were inexplicably overlooked.

A noteworthy topic emerged when I posed a question recently at a Friday evening lime at Autosource. Peter Moodie Snr. is highly respected and revered along the halls of Jamaican motorsport. And appropriately so. He has contributed immensely to motorsport and he continues to do so. Winning requires preparation. Winning requires meticulous preparation. So, despite covid’s presence winning teams test, when they are allowed to. Peter Moddie’s outfit tested recently.

Collin Daley Jr is not the household name we associate with circuit racing at Dover Raceway. Collin Daley Jr.,  to people in the know, is a sublime talent. He is a champion, but based on the fact that he does not rock one of the top flight machines, he is not soaring at the level that his talent summons.

If what occurred at Jamwest Speedway recently is noteworthy evidence, the circuit racing landscape is about to experience a jolt similar to the capsize-causing thud the Titanic had when it encountered the iceberg.

According to the knowledgeable sources, who added fuel to the raging flame re the Collin Daley Jr. conversation at Autosource, if Collin Daley Jr. competes, when racing resumes, in a Radical, all others will be forgotten, battling for the lesser Ps! P1 may be the domain of one reserved, but supremely talented driver – Collin Daley Jr.

This was an introduction. More will be said. And while you ponder, answer this – Is Collin Daley Jr. the best driver at Dover Raceway at present?


Covid-19, we will celebrate when you depart. Racing will resume when?

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