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If it was scripted, chances are it would not have unfolded in the manner it did. F1 machines and teams have been waiting for a protracted period to rev into the new season. Covid-19 implications ensured that everyone was confined to inactivity.

That changed this weekend in Austria, at Round 1 of the 2020 season. Apparently, the extended vacation did very little to alter the well established norms of F1. Christian Horner stated that he cannot recall being away from the track and racing for such a long time.

Horner, however, required no readjustment time though – Red Bull protested against Mercedes’ DAS system. That  kept tongues wagging. And more fuel was added when another Red Bull protest, re Hamilton ignoring yellow flags during qualifying, embraced the paddock. Hamilton was eventually penalised and thrown to P5

The weekend was rather young, but, the old tricks were being employed – Mercedes and Hamilton were being targeted! Lol!

A Mercedes – Bottas – on pole, is not alarming in the current F1 setup. What was noteworthy was Lando Norris’ performance. But, qualifying was just the beginning of the fairy tale.

It was a weekend earmarked for drama and when the race eventually began, with the defending world champion Hamilton relegated to P5,  C4 was hurled into the mix!

It was a race which exhibited a battle of wits, I dare you moments, treachery and outright ruthlessness. And for the bonus round -  the crown jewel of the race – the Hamilton vs Albon fracas was added. It was a frantic race, fought at an elevated temperature. And as Albon discovered, in a battle of risk vs rewards, when Hamilton is his (Albon’s) opponent, he will not be rewarded!


Hamilton was exacting revenge for both Red Bull protests?

What do you think about Hamilton’s performance throughout the weekend? Is he distracted? How did he miss the yellow flag(s)? Was he at fault re his collision with Albon? Was Albon naive to think that Hamilton would have exercised caution? Albon should have learnt from Brazil?

And Vettel. Vettel. Vettel was just being Vettel?

Bottas won, but the conversation is dominated by Hamilton’s encounter with Albon and Norris’ meteoric rise. Welcome to F1!

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