Black Friday Deals!!

Author : teriann

So unless you live under a rock you have heard about the well advertised deals that many American companies offer on 23rd of November, 2012. These specials are timed to fall on the Friday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. For most consumers this is the best shopping experience for the entire year.
The deals are so good that consumers are willing to wait at stores for hours even foregoing sleep so they can be first in line.

In fact, in some states in America, the shopping day is a public holiday. Shoppers and businesses alike enjoy the low prices and quick sales. It is not a tradition here in Jamaica to camp out at stores on a special day to enjoy special discounts but there have been a few stores who have been advertising the idea of having a ‘Black Friday’ sale on the same date as their American counterparts.

There are downsides to those kinds of sales as I have read news reports of persons being trampled to death during the mad rush into some stores. I wonder if we here in Jamaica would fare any better if we had a similar day.

Well, I guess I will never know as slashing prices to the extent as overseas stores is maybe a little above us right now.

However, the stores that are offering discounts on electronic items might be worth checking out since electronics get upgraded all the time which causes a drop in prices. So check out all the glossy fliers and magazines that came in your Sunday Gleaner but make sure it does not break your budget.

As it soon will be time to find gifts for everyone on your list it makes sense to see what the different stores have to offer now before the Christmas season. Also remember that stores want to clear out old stock so they might be willing to offer discounts in an effort to move slow selling items and make way for new stock.

So whether you are buying online or in a local store enjoy your ‘Black Friday’ experience!!!
Let me hear form you how you plan to spend the day on November 23, 2012!

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3 Responses to “Black Friday Deals!!”

  1. Jo Bent says:

    But this is JA Y have that here and now, Y not the day after say Independence? JA dont celebrate Thanksgiving.

  2. sammy dread says:

    Did not realize tht blk friday was a jamaican custom. Thx for the info but u did not say where the deals are

  3. notsofast says:

    so we r in a recession so the best ‘deal’ is to save your money.

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