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I love the idea of getting a new pet for my home.  The ever present problem of course is to get a pet that I can afford.  The initial purchase cost of the pet is a factor but I also need a pet that is low maintenance so that I am not saddled with extra costs.

So how do I decide what pet to get?

Pet Options

There are many types of pet so before I go shopping, it’s important to know which one best fits my needs.

If you have a lot of land space then getting a dog will ensure that it has adequate place to run around. Dogs can also be used as watch dogs as they bark loudly whenever anyone approaches your property.

Dogs are a lot of work though depending on if they are pedigree or not.  Pedigree dogs require specialized care and diet.  They may need additional grooming and visits to the veterinary office. They can also get sick from time to time especially if they are puppies and so would require extra care.

Cats tend to be low maintenance and can also be used to get rid of any unwanted pests in the home.  It is suggested that just like their dog counterparts owners ensure that their cats are sterilized to prevent  over breeding.

Then of course there are the lesser expensive fish or turtles.  They require little care once the basics are in place.  Regular water changes and feeding will ensure that they stay healthy.  Of course some varieties of fish can be pricey but for the most part they can cost as low as $200 for single fish.

How can you afford it?

Regardless of whatever pet I decide to get it will affect my budget.  The best thing is to make adequate preparations so that any additional costs can be absorbed.  The continuous supply of food can be maintained if it is purchased in bulk.  This will ensure that the costs for food is paid on a monthly basis.

Along with including the costs of food some pets need regular maintenance so ensure that extra costs are included in the budget.

An additional way to save is to check what items you can use from your own table so as to minimize extra purchases.  Some leftovers can be utilized for your pets. If you don’t have enough leftovers, you can collect leftovers from friends’ lunches.

Since some pets also need customized environment, it would be good to invest in quality equipment such as air filters instead of having to change water in aquariums.

So what do you do to ensure that you can afford pet care? Let me hear from you!

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