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Often party plans can get shelved when consumers are faced with huge costs. So what can you do when you want to plan a party but your budget is not up to the task? Don’t worry I can give you tips on how to plan a fabulous party with limited resources.


The first thing to organize for the party is knowing exactly what funds are available for the party.  If you have a clear budget then you will avoid problems down the road when deciding venue, entertainment and food or drink options.

Don’t guess how much everything will cost. Estimates can be off and that can seriously affect your ability to pay your bills.  This calls for doing additional research so that you can ensure that whatever you want for the party is something that you can afford.

Always have an emergency stash of extra funds in the budget.  This is only to be used in case a plan falls through and you need to make an alternative available for party goers. This can include factoring into the equation such as inclement weather.


The selection of a venue can take a huge chunk out of the budget as some locations can cost thousands of dollars. If you can get a a private home to have the party that would be ideal.

However if that is not viable try renting a school facility. Some schools have large halls or field that can be transformed in a party area.  The cost for renting such facilities will be cheaper than renting out entire clubs or restaurants.

After permission is given by the school, it also solves the dilemma of finding adequate parking as schools usually have sufficient parking areas.

Some neighbourhoods have common areas that can be reserved for parties.  They can be used for free by residents so it’s a good idea to check with  your friends to see if they have any connections to those areas.


It’s not a party without entertainment so what can you afford with limited funds? Well it’s a good idea to hire local talent.  You can even organize a local talent show and invite up and coming entertainers to perform.  The prize can be minimal but the focus will be on showcasing new talent.

A popular DJ to play music might be expensive so why not get prepared and prepare a collection of music ready to be played for the crowd.  The music selection has to be vibrant and cater to the crowd but if done properly party goers will enjoy the beats.

Food /Drink

Jamaicans are known for our delicious food and parties are an opportunity to really enjoy our culinary delights.   Food can be expensive but if you stick to appetizers or other easily prepared snacks your guests will be happy.

If you feel the need to have food, you could consider encouraging your guests to ‘bring a bottle or favourite dish ‘ to offset food costs.

So how do you plan a party on a budget?

Drop me a line below and tell me all about it!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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