How to choose the perfect gift

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I know I have gotten your attention since buying gifts can be a chore especially if you have limited funds.  Gifts to family and friends however,does not need to be a frustrating search.  Just a little can really go a far way.

I got a few ideas from watching a prize giving function recently at which students, some of whom were young adults, were rewarded for their achievements. The gifts that really delighted the students were not necessarily the most expensive.  In fact many of the art work such as pottery pieces and sculptures were admired.

So what can you do to ensure you have bought the perfect gift for any occasion?

Blowout Sales

Many stores are in the process of having ‘blowout’ sales so be on the look out for discounted prices.  Craft fairs are also an excellent venue to search for gifts.  Usually the items sold there are unique and you can negotiate with the seller.

If you are creative you can also make your own gift.  Just remember it’s the thought that counts! How do you select your gifts? Let me hear from you!

- Teri Ann Renee Paisley (Gleaner on-line writer)

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