Jamaica – Land of wood and no water?

Author : teriann

Okay I am officially confused. Why do we have such problems maintaining a steady supply of water? Once again, the land of wood and water is suffering from a lack of water especially in the Kingston area.

N.W.C Corporate Public Relations Manager, Charles Buchanan, said the dry season which began in December, is affecting about 10 per cent of the agency’s 46 water supply systems across the country. Buchanan said restrictions will also be enforced between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. on customers served by the Constant Spring, Hope and Mona Water Treatment Plants.

Of course, we will always need to rely somewhat on the rain but why not have some sort of back up system just in case Mother Nature is not feeling particularly generous for a few months?

The current drought that we are experiencing might abate in fact as I type I am sure I hear the distant rumble of rain. Perhaps though, it is best to find other ways of safeguarding our water supply. What about desalination of the sea water that surrounds us?

Just a thought for the next time the fickle weather has us filling pans and buckets. In the meantime it is a good idea (whether it rains or not) to keep a supply of clean water stored at your home at all times. Read more by clicking this link

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