Rally Jamaica 2012 – The Downtown Kingston segment.

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Enough has been said about Rally Jamaica 2012 JMMC International Stages Rally. The trophy is now sitting in its rightful place – on local soil! Thanks are in order for Jeffery and his navigator. Thank you!

Some fans, for a multitude of reasons, were not able to experience the turbulence created when a ‘real’ rally machine encounters gravel and decides that the quickest way forward requires a process of dispersing loose materials to access grip. That experience was available in abundance on the Stages in St Catherine. A lot of them (fans) choose option B for the rally weekend – The Downtown Special Stages!

The stages downtown, in my view, is more like a celebration of the motorsports way of life. Has it ever decided the winner? Not sure. But the atmosphere is one of ego-massaging, showing off your toys, posing for the fairer sex and essentially highlighting all things car-oriented. I loved it the first time it was introduced and my feelings have not changed since!

If you missed it, you are a – Loser!

Dover machines in the building! The ex-Summerbell Magnum was very popular with the fans.

SKUNK NATION was represented.

Can someone say -massive heat extractors (my term).

Yes, they were there, preparing themselves for their final hoorah.

Can you identify the machine in this pic?

Do not be fooled by its innocent stance. While under the direction of a former rally competitor we saw this Bimmer doing the powerslide, drift and dance few people think Bimmers are capable of. Mr. Stewart you still have it lock! Just ask the fans who were standing at the final right-hand corner, next to the Scotia building – sublime car control was on display!

Rally Jamaica 2012 -  a good thing in a small package. Big up to all who made it possible and congratulations to all the competitors. Hail Marcia ! Looking forward to 2013!

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